Amazing Race “Unfinished Business” Finale

I used to live blog every episode of Amazing Race but no one seemed to watch it so I quit 2 seasons ago. Tonight however is the Season Finale of the current season “Unfinished Business” and I figured I would toss up the winners when it happens. We got wait through the Brazilian chest waxes first. Can you say ouch? Results after the jump

Winner Amazing Race “Unfinished Business”
LaKisha and Jennifer

  1. gma says:

    I was also for Gary and Mallory. I thought this was a pretty lame finale. Where was the competition where you had to remember something about every leg of the race? I have to wonder sometimes if they don’t rig the cab drivers.

  2. Dr. Electro says:

    Early on, we were rooting for Kynt and Vixsin, Marge and Luke. They fell out and we started following Gary and Mallory. It’s a damn shame they got the wrong cab driver in Miami and wound up losing. At least the girls who won are going to apend their winnings on Mom. I hope they remember to pay their taxes, too.

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