American Idol 10 (Results)

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The Top 24 have competed. The votes are in and tonight we find out who moves on. Join Queen Angie as she live blogs the results show live after the jump.

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Top 10
Scotty McCreery
Lauren Alaina
Pia Toscano
Karen Rodriguez
Jacob Lusk
Casey Abrams
Thia Megia
Paul McDonald
Haley Reinhart
James Durbin

Wild Card Picks
Ashton Jones
Stefano Langone
Naima Adedapo

Thank you, thank you! No, please! Sit down! I know you all missed me, but every little thing is gonna be alright now. The Queen is back to bring you all the gory elimination details for Season 10.

Every superstar begins with a dream…or so we are told on the screen. Recaps galore and announcer guy presents our judges. JenLo is pretty in points of green, SteTy (I don’t know. It works for JLo, right?) is ruffly and pink and RanJack (might as well run with it) is in Simon’s place and that is still just odd to me. Peaches Seacrest tells us lots of twists and turns are ahead and over 40 million votes came in for the Top 24. He then introduces each of the Idols individually and it takes forever! Don’t they look snazzy?!

Cameras pan the 24 and they all look a tad constipated. Or is that nerves? Poor things. I’d be all barfy and such.

RanJack explains that after the Top 10 is chosen, the judges will choose who they want to sing again so they can choose their Wild Card picks. Weird. I want it back the way it used to be. 24 to 20. 20 to 16. 16 to 12. I liked that. The Queen doesn’t tolerate change well. Judgey chit chat aaand commercial.

Long, long recaps of the boys from ‘Tuesday’ and Ryan visits them (all in SSSoD!) for some idol chit chat. (<<–ha..see what I did there?) Next is clips and outtakes from individual interviews with the boys. Lots of funny quotes, but seriously, I can’t keep up! But, I think the best is from Screech Jr.(James) “They had a blue carpet. It’s kinda like the red carpet, only it’s blue.” Pure awesome. Dim the lights! Scotty and Robbie to center stage. Scotty is SAFE! Robbie is not. Next up, Clint, Jovany and Jordan. Clint aka JuneBug is about to pee himself and faint. (WHY WHY WHY is the studio so dark??) Clint and Jordan did NOT make it to the Top 10. Jovany did NOT make it either. Take a stool, boys. The ladies are recapped next. Ry chats up the ladies. Well, Ashton. Now interview clips and such. Naima mentions when JenLo told her she was like and exotic flower and that is actually what her name means. Hmm. On first search, I found that Naima means, “to be contented.” Mmmkay. I like her anyway despite the LIES!! (jk. Really. I like her!) The lights dim for Pia and Lauren Alaina. Lauren is in the Top 10! So is Pia! Next to center stage is Jullie and TaTynisa. Someone push that hair out of TaTy’s eyes! After the nationwide vote, TaTy is NOT in the Top 10. Neither is Julie. After the break, Kendra, Karen and Ashton join Ryan for the dim lights. Ashton did NOT make the Top 10. Karen is IN! Kendra is NOT. Three boys up right away. Casey, Jacob and Tim huddle together for recap of their critiques. Jacob is IN and his grandmama is about to faint in the audience. Casey is IN! Tim is not. Naima, Thia and Lauren Turner are up to hear their fate next. Naima is NOT in the Top 10. (bummer!) Thia is IN! Lauren T is NOT. Brett and Paul hug it out and prepare for the news. Paul’s teeth shine. Paul is IN! (YES!) Brett is NOT. More results after the ads. Haley and Rachel join Peaches and the lights dim. The final girl in the Top 10 is HALEY! Rachel is NOT in. James and Stefano are last to bask in the dim lights. James in IN. Stefano is NOT. Wild card round is up after the break. The ousted Idols can choose any song from the competition to sing for their wild card song. JenLo says they are choosing 6–3 boys and 3 girls. Ashton goes first and sings, “And I’m Telling You.” Barf. I can’t stand this song and really, Ashton doesn’t do it justice. Stefano is next and sings “I Need You Now.” (I think that’s what he said.) It’s good. I find him to be a little generic. Or something. Time for more singing. Kendra gets a shot and sings “Georgia On My Mind.” So SHRILL. Next is Jovany singing “Angel” by Jon Secada. He’s good. Just generic and forgettable. After the commercials, Naima is chosen for the last girl’s wild card spot. I missed the name of her song and I don’t recognize it, but I really like her. Lots. Naima breaks down at the end of her song. The last wild card singer is Robbie. (Brett hugs all the judges before he exits.) Robbie sings “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word.” Soooo slooooow. Ryan pulls all the wild carders to the stage and we’ll find out the judges’ decision after the break. The judges ask for more time so conveniently, we get to watch JenLo’s new video. After the break, we’ll find out the wild cards. The wild cards are: Ashton, Stefano and Naima Well, there you have it. Your Top 13, America! I would have rather had Tim and even Brett. Brett for the entertainment factor, for sure. I would have rather had Lauren Turner over Ashton, but what can ya do? It’s a decent Top 13. I’ll take it. Be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think! Come listen to me guest on the Idol Radio Show tonight! Just click on that big red button over on the right at 11pm eastern. Until next week… ~Queen Ang~

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