American Idol 11 Live Blog (Top 7 REDUX)

Tonight the Top 7 REDUX will take to the stage to win your vote. I will be live blogging the show bringing you all the contestants songs, the comments and my thoughts. Be sure to keep refreshing the post and be sure to leave your thoughts about the performances in a comment.

Contestant : Hollie Cavanagh
Voting Number : 1-866-idols-01
Song Title : “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele
Judges Thoughts : (R) It wasn’t perfect but it was close to perfect. Very well done. (S) You finally came out of your shell. I can’t judge it. It was perfect. (J) You felt every word of that. You finally did it.
Slim’s Score : 8/10 LOVE Hollie, LOVE Adele. Absolutely HATE “Rolling in the Deep” but I have to say I thought Hollie was pretty damn good with it. A great start to the show and maybe one of Hollie’s best so far this season.

Contestant : Colton Dixon
Voting Number : 1-866-idols-02
Song Title : “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga
Judges Thoughts : (R) We were just at the Colton Dixon concert. Not your greatest performance but it was nice to see your interpretation of Gaga. Job well done. (S) Keep taking chances and risks and do what you are doing. (J) Exciting performance. There were parts I really liked. It was a really good performance.
Slim’s Score : 6/10 Like Adele I have a Lady Gaga song I can’t stand and “Bad Romance” is the one. Colton tried to do his thing but it was AWFUL!!!

Contestant : Elise Testone
Voting Number : 1-866-idols-03
Song Title : “No One” by Alicia Keys
Judges Thoughts : (R) You sang it great and you stayed with the melody. It was very good. (S) I love you lots but I was wishing you had a better chorus but it was good. (J) You let go so naturally. I got my first goosies of the night. It was beautiful.
Slim’s Score : 5/10 Finally a tune I actually like but it was horrendous from note 1. Elise better kick ass in round 2 or she will hit the pavement.

Contestant : Phillip Phillips, Jr.
Voting Number : 1-866-idols-04
Song Title : “U Got It Bad” by Usher
Judges Thoughts : (R) I smile every week that I see you. I think we have a great artist on the stage. (S) The band was great. It was great tonight. (J) That was so sexy. I love when you show that side of you.
Slim’s Score : 8/10 This was the one song on Off The Hook Radio this afternoon I predicted Phil wouldn’t do. I just couldn’t see the whole Dave Mathews/Usher sound and I think I was wrong. That was AWESOME. I am a huge fan of unplugged and that was just perfect.

Contestant : Jessica Sanchez
Voting Number : 1-866-idols-05
Song Title : “Fallin” by Alica Keys
Judges Thoughts : (R) You don’t really know how good you really are. Brilliant. (S) Everyone in America now knows how you sing. (J) The way you play with songs is crazy. I am glad we used the save on you.
Slim’s Score : 6/10 I hate to say it but I see why Jessica was in the bottom 3 and sent home last week. Tonight was boring, boring, boring. Jessica may go home again and the judges won’t be able to save her again.

Contestant : Skylar Laine
Voting Number : 1-866-idols-06
Song Title : “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga
Judges Thoughts : (R) You have cross over appeal. That was amazing. (S) I am glad you were born that way. You are giving the other girls a run for their money. I really enjoyed it. (J) I love that version. A more perfect song for you doesn’t exist. It was amazing. Three weeks in a row.
Slim’s Score : 7/10 There have been better tonight, there have been worse. I actually like Skylar and liked her performance tonight, I just can’t deal with the fact that she yells and doesn’t sing.

Contestant : Joshua Ledet
Voting Number : 1-866-idols-07
Song Title : “I Believe” by Fantasia
Judges Thoughts : (R) You are one of the most gifted singers on the show. Love you, Love your voice, well done. (S) You could sing the phone book. There is nothing to say anymore. (J) I feel blessed you are in this competition. It was beautiful.
Slim’s Score : 7/10 I BELIEVE that was the smartest song Joshua could have picked. I can’t stand him and I wanted it to suck but sadly it didn’t. It was fairly good.

Contestant : Hollie Cavanagh
Voting Number : 1-866-idols-01
Song Title : “Son a Preacher Man” by Dusty Springfield
Judges Thoughts : (R) That was crazy. I was a bit worried but you worked it out. I like this better than round 1. (S) I see it and I hear but I think you can push it even more. (J) This was better than the first round. You are showing more composure.
Slim’s Score : Another song I like and play quite often. I liked Hollie’s version. It was fun. A bit pitchy in places and not as good as her first performance.

Contestant : Colton Dixon
Voting Number : 1-866-idols-02
Song Title : “September” by Earth Wind and Fire
Judges Thoughts : (R) It wasn’t the perfect song to do that with. You sound good but it is not as exciting as we would have liked. (S) I love your voice but this is where you need to show off your voice. I think your voice is more powerful than that. (J) You made it your own but you need to find songs that fit into who you are.
Slim’s Score : 6/10 It wasn’t any better than his first performance. Colton deserves to be in the bottom 3 this week but he won’t be.

Contestant : Elise Testone
Voting Number : 1-866-idols-03
Song Title : “Let’s Get It On” Marvin Gaye
Judges Thoughts : (R) That song wasn’t right for your voice. You over sang that song. (S) The song showed your versatility. You need to take it up a notch. (J) You always sound so good. It is hard for me to critique you. I would like to see more emotion.
Slim’s Score : 6/10 No one will be getting laid to that version. Bye Bye Elise.

Contestant : Phillip Phillips, Jr.
Voting Number : 1-866-idols-04
Song Title : “In the Midnight Hour” by Wilson Pickett
Judges Thoughts : (R) You take your time with it. We feel your emotion everytime. I love it. Be who you are. (S) Everyone loves you because of who you are. I love your character. (J) You are just feeling it. It is great.
Slim’s Score : 7/10 Fun and upbeat but his first performance was better.

Contestant : Jessica Sanchez
Voting Number : 1-866-idols-05
Song Title : “Try a Little Tenderness” by Otis Redding
Judges Thoughts : (R) You need to connect with the emotion of the lyric. Nice one though. (S) I like that you are stepping out and winning these people’s hearts. (J) You came out a bit but we have to start pushing you and America has to start connecting with you.
Slim’s Score : 7/10 Well it was better than the first performance but it was still quite a mess. Pack your bags.

Contestant : Skylar Laine
Voting Number : 1-866-idols-06
Song Title : “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” by Marvin Gaye
Judges Thoughts : (R) You have no problem connecting. That was brilliant. (S) You are something else. (J) You have done a great job up there. You should be proud.
Slim’s Score : 5/10 A complete disaster.

Contestant : Joshua Ledet
Voting Number : 1-866-idols-07
Song Title : “A Change is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke
Judges Thoughts : (R) Perfect song for you. You took your time. It was stellar. (S) You have stretched your voice to the limits of soul. (J) It is how you come out and sing these songs.
Slim’s Score : 6/10 Boring close to the show.

Note : If you don’t like my scores or comments go somewhere else. I am entitled to my opinion and considering this is my blog I would appreciate people stop telling me who I am supposed to like. I can make up my own mind whether you like it or not.

Now I have to pick my bottom 3 and who I think will go home. Keep in mind my picks are not only based on tonight but the season as a whole.

Slim’s Bottom 3
* Colton Dixon
* Jessica Sanchez
* Elise Testone

Slim’s Pick To Depart
* Elise Testone

So what do you think about tonight? Who did you like and who just didn’t cut it for you? Leave your thoughts in a comment and tune in again tomorrow night at 8PM EST as Queen Angie blogs the results live.

  1. jalin says:

    All I can say is who I still want to see perform again as no one impressed me much last night. I want to continue to see Phil, Elise, Hollie, Colton and Skylar do their thing. I think the song choices last night were the reason I wasn’t all that excited for any of them but, performance-wise, the five I listed are my favorites.

  2. vivi says:

    People only like Phillip Phillips bec he’s good looking. People pretend to like his performance every week even though it’s all the same. What if he looks like William Hung?

  3. David says:

    Brief thoughts on tonight:

    Hollie: forgettable
    Colton: risks did not pay off
    Elise: felt desperate for votes
    Phil: first song awesome ahhh, second too hokey yeahhh.
    Jessica: not a single lyric was believable
    Skylar: fun performances
    Josh: epic, then sleepy

    In danger: Everyone but Phil.

  4. BWalt says:

    You say Jessica isn’t perfect, but she actually is. She never misses a note, despite choosing very difficult songs and performing them in extremely challenging arrangements.

    Yes, you’re entitled to your opinion, but her perfection isn’t a matter of opinion. You have every right to assert that someone isn’t to your taste, but the musical perfection is objective. For someone running a popular music blog, it’s important that you mark subjective matters (like your personal musical tastes) from objective matters (like her technical perfection).

  5. bwgophers says:

    On the West Coast this week and just catching the show…

    Wasn’t that “Sons of Sylvia” backing up Skylar on “Born This Way”?

    Surprised no mention of them…

  6. dodie says:

    Miss DeAndre! At least he kept it entertaining. I’m so bored with AI right now. I’m done watching it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. claire says:

    i think bottom 3 might be elise, skylar and joshua…i agree colton should be there instead but may not be possible and after last week’s elimination, jessica might make it thru coz of ongoing campaign to support her…but just as what steven said ‘what do i know’ lol

  8. Jerry Valdez says:

    My bottom 3


    Please, send home Skylar
    I think she damaged my hearing aid.

  9. lisa says:

    Can’t vote from I am, so people, PLEASE help me vote for Phillip Phillips!

  10. neo says:

    Jessica has to go home now she is too good for the competition.. bye bye

  11. Leigh says:

    Skylar screeches and screams. She’s a disaster. She makes me want to mute my television. Why these judges can’t hear it or give her some kind of constructive criticism is doing her an injustice. Not to mention the rest of us who have to listen to her. She needs to be gone.

  12. Queen Angie says:

    Joshua–screechy 6/10

  13. Queen Angie says:

    Skylar–yelled her way through the entire thing.


  14. Queen Angie says:



  15. Queen Angie says:

    Elise should not have done Let’s Get It On.


    Phil–upbeat and fun and dancy and loved it! 8 1/2 of 10

  16. Queen Angie says:

    Colton–I liked what he did with September, but it wasn’t great. Better than the first, though.


  17. ALFRED says:

    Cool Queen angie! Just keed it real! We are all entitled to our own opinion! So don’t get affected by their reactions…..

  18. Queen Angie says:

    Hollie–So much confidence tonight! Love it!


  19. Queen Angie says:

    Josh picked a perfect song for himself. I didn’t love it, but he did well. 7 1/2 of 10

  20. claire says:

    problem with jessica is song choice…she chooses songs that are not great for competition…boring!

  21. Queen Angie says:

    Skylar was awful. Also, I hate the song with a larger passion than the other one.


  22. Queen Angie says:

    Jessica–boring but she did fine. 7/10 because I’m not a fan and I don’t HAVE TO say she’s perfect because I don’t think she is.

  23. Queen Angie says:


    9 1/2 of 10 (I can’t really give a 10 because I don’t know that anyone is ever perfect on Idol…)

  24. Queen Angie says:

    Elise–Not great. Just OK. She did nothing with the song.

    7 of 10 I don’t know. That seems high.

  25. Queen Angie says:

    Colton–Hate the song. HATE. HAAAATE. Colton tried to “rock it up” and it fell a bit flat. Or a lot. It was not good. I usually like Colton, but this wasn’t great.


  26. DJSlim says:

    @angie Yeah@!!! we agree on Hollie :)

  27. Queen Angie says:

    Hollie was great! Even though she did Adele and I want everyone to stop doing Adele, Hollie did a fantastic job! She was super comfortable and I loved it.

  28. Queen Angie says:

    Cue the comments!

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