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It’s Wednesday night and time for American Idol. City auditions are over and it is time for the Semi-Finals. Tonight 10 of the Top 20 girls compete for a spot in the Top 20. How will it all go down. Check out the LIVE blog below.

If you would like to read another take on tonight’s episode be sure to visit the Token White Guy’s post by Clicking Here, and don’t forget tonight at 11PM ET / 10 CT is the Idol Radio Show hosted by Alan Attebery and Sir Darryl. You will even be able to call into the show and some of the comments made here might even make it on the air.

Contestants Name : Jenny Beth Willis
Song Title : “Heaven, Heartache and The Power Of Love”
Judges Thoughts : (R) It felt all a little jerky. You never got in sync with the band. It wasn’t your best performance. (N) I liked your voice but I didn’t feel like you came alive till the end of the song. I think you could have so much more fun with the song. (M) Very nice performance. You need to be more dynamic during the verses. The last note was a stone winner. (K) A great way to start the show. It wasn’t the best song for you but you are so easy to watch. The range at the end was more than enough.
My Thoughts : I actually thought it was pretty good. I was born and raised on country and it was nice to hear someone other than Taylor Swift. A little jerky like Randy mentioned but all in all for going first it wasn’t a train wreck.

Contestants Name : Tenna Torres
Song Title : “Soulmate”
Judges Thoughts : (R) This is how you do it. It was control. It was 95% perfect. You connected with the song. This is what becoming the next American Idol is all about. (N) You have control over the song. You picked a great song. There is no tone like yours in the business right now. Lose the hair. (M) This was all you. You gave every bit of your emotion. (K) That was a beautiful song for you to do. That requires a lot of control that you had. I liked the end. I like the diversity of your voice.
My Thoughts : Tenna has a big voice but I am not impressed. The big voice and hitting the big notes doesn’t do a damn thing for me. I want to be entertained not be put to sleep.

Contestants Name : Adriana Lotonio
Song Title : “Ain’t No Way”
Judges Thoughts : (R) You hit it at the end. You are a pro. I loved it. (N) The vocal was great and I didn’t see one ounce of fear. (M) I was really proud of you. You worked it out. (K) Now the night has started. Your channeled into all the soul that song required. It was so damn good.
My Thoughts : Another big voice but I am a bit fonder of Adriana. It has a bit of bluesy hint to it. It kind of reminds me of my favorite contestant of all-time, Haley Reinhart.

Contestants Name : Brandy Hotard
Song Title : “Anymore”
Judges Thoughts : (R) You didn’t have the right connection to the lyric. It didn’t tell us what kind of artist you want to be. It may put you in trouble tonight. (N) That was a pageant delivery of a performance. We don’t want you to smile at us if it isn’t truthful to the song. (M) I didn’t notice if you were smiling or not. I just noticed a beautiful person singing a song. (K) I loved that you did that song because I have never heard a girl sing it. My issue was an emotional connection inconsistency.
My Thoughts : Nice vocal. Boring performance. Nothing we will remember.

Contestants Name : Shubha Vedula
Song Title : “Born This Way”
Judges Thoughts : (R) You are 17. You have talent but there were too many runs. The potential in you is amazing. I wish you had stayed at the piano. (N) There is so much going on. I feel like there is a comical thing there. (M) I would have preferred you stayed at the piano too. I commend you for being up here. (K) I thought you crammed a lot in that song. On one hand it was confusing, on the other hand, I love your voice and your voice came through and it should help you.
My Thoughts : I actually liked it a lot. Her own take on Lady Gag Gag. It was fun and upbeat.

Contestants Name : Kamaira Ousley
Song Title : “Mr. Know It All”
Judges Thoughts : (R) You were in a different pitch. It was you worst performance of the competition. I didn’t like it. (N) You look very nicely styled this evening. I don’t remember that twang thing from previous rounds and it didn’t work. (M) I felt like you were struggling to hear yourself. I think you are adorable. You are marketable but I don’t feel it was the right song choice for you. (K) I don’t know if that was a great song for you tonight. You can really sing but that song didn’t show the emotional connection.
My Thoughts : Well I think we figured out why Kamaira is just a backup singer. Worst performance of the night so far.

Contestants Name : Kree Harrison
Song Title : “Up To The Mountain”
Judges Thoughts : (R) Natural born singer. She doesn’t have to wear the outfit. You sang a beautiful song. (N) I would be afraid if I were the other girls tonight. Everytime you sing a song you make love to a song. You are completely involved. (M) Your lost in the song and that is a beautiful thing to watch. You sang the hell out of that song. (K) You are such a natural born singer. It was effortless believability.
My Thoughts : I actually LOVE Kree but man she just looks so homely on stage. Dress her up and deck her out. She has a beautiful voice and it was the BEST performance so far tonight.

Contestants Name : Angela Miller
Song Title : “Nobody’s Perfect”
Judges Thoughts : (R) You are one of my favorites in the competition. You can sing anything. You get inside the song. (N) I love you but nothing will compare to your last performance. Don’t over do it. You are a top contender in this competition. You are an artist. (M) Your potential is limitless. You need to keep writing. (K) You have a huge talent. You have a big gift. You have a beautiful voice.
My Thoughts : Wow. Amazing. A contender for sure if she makes it through tonight.

Contestants Name : Isabel Pasqualone
Song Title : “God Bless The Child”
Judges Thoughts : (R) I think you got a big voice. It was a bit old fashioned. You can sing but the song was like oh my god. (N) You are up here looking like a diva tonight. You look pretty and you sound great. Be proud. (M) Your heart is what is selling me. (K) ???
My Thoughts : A decent vocal. Nothing awesome or spectacular.

Contestants Name : Amber Holcomb
Song Title : “My Funny Valentine”
Judges Thoughts : (R) You have to believe before anyone at home is gonna believe. The vocal was amazing. You took your time. Very well done. (N) I am proud that you have made an effort to come out of your shell. That vocal was A+++, but is that inner shine gonna shine through the TV when the people vote. (M) It was that good that I wanted to smack you. I loved your interpretation of that song. (K) That was great technically. You made it look so easy. You made an old fashioned song timeless.
My Thoughts : A pretty decent end to the performances this evening.

Eliminated This Evening
Brandy Hotard
Isabel Pasqualone
Jenny Beth Willis
Kamaira Ousley
Shubha Vedula

Moving On To Top 20
Adriana Lotonio
Amber Holcomb
Angela Miller
Kree Harrison
Tenna Torres

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