‘America’s Got Talent’ S7 – Auditions, part 1 (Live Blogging)

America's Got Talent

Welcome to Season 7 of NBC’s popular summer competition series, America’s Got Talent. In case you’ve had your head buried in the sand since last December, radio shock jock Howard Stern replaces the oh-so British Piers Morgan this season as a judge, who joins a returning Sharon Osborne, Howie Mandel, and Nick Cannon. The show is starting earlier this year in order to compensate for the network carrying the Summer Olympics later this summer. And America’s Got Talent will air on Mondays and Tuesdays this year.

IdolBlogLive.com does not actively follow America’s Got Talent at this time, though occasionally we may post an audio or video clip from the show if a performance or contestant catches our eyes. For a live blog of tonight’s show, head over to the Idol Radio Show website and read the Token White Guy’s take on what happens.

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