Big Brother 14 Episode 5 (Nominations)

Tonight are BB14 Nominations. Who will go on the chopping block? All the results are after the jump.

Coaches Challenge Winner

  • Janelle – No Trades Made

Safe This Week Via Coaches Challenge

  • Ashley


  • Willie
  • JoJo
  • Shane
  • Ian

Willie removed from Big Brother by production – “Willie kicked and slammed the Have-Not room door, He threw pork rinds at Janelle and told her to ‘fuck-off. Called her the ‘C’ word. and head-butted Joe four times and had to be physically removed from the house.”

Nominated For Eviction

  • Shane (Team Britney)
  • Jojo (Team Britney)

  1. DrillerAA says:

    Put America out of its misery and just cancel this trash now. This show hasn’t been worth watching since about season 4.

  2. gt88 says:

    sorry guys it was me gt88 not gigt88

  3. gigt88 says:

    According to huffingtonpress he was removed from the show for physicaly and verbal abuse to muliple players including wil he was using homophobic slyr aganist him I think this is very upsetting but a lot of things must have ticked him off and I understand that people were treating him badly but someone should have befriended him for the sake of the show

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