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  1. DrillerAA says:

    “Wild Hogs 2″…in theaters this summer. Rated “S” for “Sissyboy”.

  2. That is a very funny pic of Simon. Too bad he’s the puppet master in the show. A lot of what you see on American Idol is not true. Dr. Vaughn Alaine-Marshall interviewed dozens of Idol hopefuls and staff and found out the real truth behind American Idol. Check out the online version at title=”American Idol Online”>American Idol Online if you are interested in the scoop.

  3. 'Shar Ruiz says:

    awww — the “?” were supposed to be music notes

  4. MsShar says:

    ? ? They see me rollin’ — They Laughin’
    Because they all know that I am White & Nerdy ? ?

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