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Episode 22

After losing our first Top 12 contestant, Lindsay Cardinale, last week, the remaining 11 contestants performed again tonight for the bragging rights as the next American Idol. And tonight they brought it. Most of the contestants had the best performances to date. So lets just see what happened below.


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Blank Scorecard (Top 11)

Here are the Blank Scorecards for Tuesday March 22nd, 2005 (Episode 22). Again there is two parts to the scorecard. Side one is for contestants 1-6 and side two is for contestants 7-11.


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My Readers

I decided to have a post that would include pictures of some of my readers so we could all put a name to a face. If you are a reader and would like your picture on here then Email one to me along with your website addy if you have one and I will include you.


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Episode 21

The first results show for the Top 12 has come and gone. There really wasn’t many suprises with the exception of Jessica.


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Episode 20 (Top 12)

After a week of rumors with previous Top 12 contestant Mario Vazquez, a revised Top 12 kicked off the first round of the finals with a bang. Nikko Smith replaced retired idol contestant Mario Vazquez and lived up to the expectations I had for him being given a miracle second chance.


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Blank Scorecard (Top 12)

As promised here is the blank scorecard for Tuesday 3/15/04. This scorecard is for the Top 12 contestants and has 2 parts to it. The first side of the scorecard is for contestants 1-6 and the other side is for contestants 7-12. Don’t forget to download both cards.


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Idol Messenger

If you are looking for a new instant messaging program with tons of cool new features, than have I got the Instant Message Program for you. Download the new Idol Messenger and keep in touch with your friends from American Idol as well as all of your contacts from AIM, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo.


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Episode 19

Tonight was one of the most important results shows of the season. Again 4 people went home but this time the remaining contestants make up the all important Top 12 and now the show goes co-ed. Thats right, next Monday all 12 contestants will compete against each other and America will vote off only 1 each week for the next 12 weeks leaving us with 1 American Idol. So are you ready to see what happened.


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