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Simon Cowell & His Son Eric

Simon Cowell posted pictures of his new son Eric on Twitter today. He is so cute! Not Simon, the baby.


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FOX Announces X Factor Judging Panel


We have the judging panel for the third season of X Factor and Simon Cowell is outnumbered by females.


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The X Factor Will See A Season 3

We are still in Season 2 of X Factor (I am not blogging this season) and we now know that we will see a season 3 as FOX has renewed the show for another season.


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Simon Offers Beyonce $100 Million To Judge

Simon Cowell apparently wants Beyonce on the judges panel for season 2 of The X Factor as he has reportedly offered her $100 millions bucks to sign on as a judge for 5 seasons.


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Simon Names The X Factor Judges

Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Simon Cowell has named the judges that will make up the X Factor panel. Not sure how the latest names will pan out for the show but I am glad to see Paula returning again. I just hope they check her soda cup before the show each night.


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Cowell Out Of UK X Factor

Simon Cowell will have his hands full with American X Factor and he has opted out of judging the UK X Factor according to UK MTV.


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Clash of the Simons

Fuller and Cowell are gearing up to go head-to-head in the biggest battle of egos TV has ever seen


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Cowell responds to Elton’s jibes

Music mogul Simon Cowell has hit back at Sir Elton John after the rocker branded his TV talent shows “boring” and “brain-crippling” insisting he is wrong.


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Simon Cowell: ‘X-Factor US’ is ‘a blank sheet of paper’

Former “American Idol” judge Simon Cowell has been busy as ever since departing the gig that made him a household name. And as the current season of “X-Factor” heats up in the UK, the mogul is opening up about what to expect from the US version — in short: anything.


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Cowell may can Coke for Pepsi sponsorship

Simon Cowell might be sitting in front of a Pepsi cup next fall when Fox debuts his new talent contest, “X Factor.”


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Simon Cowell, Ryan Seacrest Are Top-Earning Men in Primetime TV

It pays to be on American Idol. Just ask Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest, who earned more money than any other celebrity in primetime television over a one-year span.


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Randy Jackson is the new Simon Cowell

Not only is Randy Jackson sitting in Simon’s old seat on the American Idol judges panel, but the Dawg’s been nipping at contestants, according to Ryan Seacrest.


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