Cowboy Casanova Video

Carrie Underwood “Cowboy Casanova” Video Premiere

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  1. cowboy casanova perfect songs
    sweet carrie :D Süprrr :heart: :happy: :cheerful:

  2. yea i love cowboy casanova! it is soo cool. i agree with everyone! soo yea i wish i could go see her live! but i dont know when her little performance is soo yeah.well i guess im gonna go watch the music video! peace. :lol:

  3. smexii smiles says:

    totally agreed she
    ROCKS :tongue:

  4. poo says:

    I love all of Carrie`s videos!
    I just went and saw her live too! :cheerful:

  5. Terilynn says:

    Other than some hip movement, I really don’t see any dance moves. Not one single step. Nice video and wonderful song. Way to go!

  6. morgan says:

    Love the song, but don’t really care for the video. The era doesnt match up with her lyrics…

  7. Lee says:

    I think Carrie is following the advice and direction of her management and producers who have made her rich and famous. The theme of this video is cow boys and hence the western atmosphere.She is a saloon girl and does seem to be a madam. I this she is exploring new boundaries as an artist.
    She is a woman now and not the young idol winner. As a professional she is just promoting her latest CD.
    Her dancing is not good, but she is a singer.
    The bottom line of the song is for young girls to stay away from loose guys in bars which is probably sound advice. :smile:

  8. Julie J says:

    I thought Carrie’s new video was full of spunk. It goes to show that she has a creative side to her. No matter what people think of this new video, I don’t think Carrie has changed her moral values. Keep on rocking Carrie and way to go on your new video.

  9. randomx6 says:

    @ Coleen:
    Don’t recall saying that I was particularly a fan. I like my country alt or trad – have liked some of her work (Before He Cheats) but bad country rock is bad country rock and she can’t dance. just one opinion…

  10. dragonfly says:

    She is an amazing singer but not a strong dancer, but that’s ok. Its great that she tried something different – she looks amazing even if her dancing is mediocre. Her vocals are her strongpoint and once again she does a great job on this song.

  11. pappy75 says:

    Mind blowing video!!!!! She’s at the top of her game and there ain’t none better.!!

  12. Joe says:

    Carrie is awesome. I like this departure from what she has done before. Carrie looks hot and like that she is trying the dancing thing. Goosebumps. I have pre-ordered her Plan On album.

  13. carriesound says:

    I like this video!!! But I just found out about Carrie on Soundcheck Oct 15th!!
    She’ll be performing brand new selections from her highly-anticipated new record, ‘Play On,’ including the hit single, ‘Cowboy Casanova.’ Plus, Carrie chats about songwriting, musical inspiration, and her very own ‘Cowboy Casanova.’

    Watch here:

  14. Chell says:

    Disappointed… really was looking forward to this video and what she could do with this fun song. I don’t understand the concept of the video (she sings about “a record machine”) and the video is from another era without record machines! LOVE the song and Carrie but disappointed with the video.

  15. Coleen says:

    @ randomx6:

    Carrie never tried to be a dancer.. I think those critizing this video, and claim to be Carrie fans, really aren’t.

  16. Coleen says:

    @ Idolistic:
    My gosh chill, it’s a video. She’s the same Carrie and this certainly is not vulgar. Your comparison is rediculous.

  17. Idolistic says:

    I have to agree with others. I just don’t GET this video. What is going on and WHY WHY WHY did she have to go in this direction and be just another Brittny or Christina and all the other cookie-cutter, corset wearing women? I was a huge Carrie fan, but because she was positive and a good roll model. I can’t condone her being in a saloon or brothele or whatever this is supposed to be whether she looks good or not. Sorry.

  18. Terilynn says:

    Really cute video and great song, another hit for Carrie

  19. Judy Knight says:

    I love this video….. It is so different than what anyone expected, I think but she has hit it out of the ballpark. This will be a big hit in all genre’s of mucic. She is so beautiful and the vintage clothing she is wearing is gorgeous……I love all of Carrie’s music.

  20. Coleen says:

    Who wants to bet? This will be another hit for Carrie. The negative remarks I have read, I think they are pretending to be Carrie fans. She is such a joy to watch and listen to!

  21. Thompkins says:

    Ugh! Do NOT love this. Is she supposed to be a prostitute? I don’t get it, and the dancers all look stiff, Carrie most of all.

    I’m usually a big fan, but this is a disappointment.

  22. randomx6 says:

    Lord – she wouldn’t make one week on Dancing With the Stars. Man, she is stiff.

  23. joeyinc says:

    Another amazing job by Carrie

  24. minimi says:

    GOOD MOVE. anything she does is in descent taste. Go Carrie…Your fans will support forever.

  25. boogers says:

    I love carrie don’t get me wrong but this video is not what I expected…I think it’s her worst! :(

  26. OldGoat34 says:

    :heart: :heart: :heart: Love This Video and it will play in any Genre Pop,Country Rock,Rock even R&B Great Job Carrie this is totally different than I expected and a little sexier than I suspected but Good Moves for her. :wub: :wub: :wub:

  27. allen says:

    She looks amazing and beautiful. I like this video and i like that shes dancing too!

    Great job carrie, keep it up:)

  28. maria says:

    I LOVE IT! She looks great, and shes dancing! The costumes are very high fashion.
    very nicely done. :) :biggrin:

  29. Alden says:

    Actually this video will be given it’s worldwide premiere October 2nd on CMT.

  30. rachel says:

    I love it !
    And I love Carrie Underwood !

  31. starshine0810 says:

    She’s a little Jessica Rabbit in this video… She has it all…

  32. jalin says:

    I love all the different “Carries” in this video and this song is sure to be a hit. In my opinion, this gal can do no wrong. She’s just IT! Love ya, Carrie, (and thank you, Slim!) :biggrin:

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