Dialidol Predictions (Top 10)

Here are you official Dialidol predictions for tonight. Tune in at 9PM EST for the results.

  1. Dr. Electro says:

    :eek: I thought Alex was better than Billy tonight because he was more into his character. I also refuse to believe Dialidol’s placement of Lauren. I thought she was awesome.

    One thing I haven’t seen this season: Bad dancing. All these kids are on their game and partnered with some of the all-time best dancers. Ok, so Anya and Courtney ate their partners alive tonight. The guys were still really good dancers. This is really great entertainment, regardless of the results.

  2. DrillerAA says:

    I honestly thought Lauren was better with her routine and character than Billy was with his. Tonight’s show did not have as many good moments in it as last week, but I thought the four remaining girls showed improvement. This week may be the first week for one of the guys to hit the streets. Kent is wearing pretty thin on me already.

  3. rachel says:

    Totally agree on this one. Billy is by far the best IMO.

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