Dialidol Predictions (Top 3)

Here are you official Dialidol predictions for tonight. Anything could happen but Casey should go home. Tune in at 9PM EST to see what happens.

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  1. ABB says:

    @ angie:
    I’ve got a barf bucket handy, Angie. I mean when your eyes roll back and all, and then your brain repaints the image right back on them… your stomach might want to get in on the act.

    *I read Zip’s comment at 4:35 this afternoon, so I am way ahead of you. :lol:

  2. angie says:

    @ Zip:

    Well, now I am blind because my eyes just rolled right out my head!

  3. BenM says:


    Exactly what I was thinking! Yay for Dialidol actually predicting something!

  4. Zip says:

    @ Penny:
    For once even DialIdol doesnt hedge… Casey is gone.. VoteFair has same. The worry CBX fans should have is the spread. Leeta is much farther in front of Crystal than any long-time observer should suspect. And he has closed the gap to almost even on VoteFair too. It may not matter who sings best next week and I may have picked the runner-up instead of the winner (from Top 12) for second straight year (no pun intended… lay off Glamberts!).

    And how can anyone possibly think this could be a fair sexiest man contest without Slim, Alan, Easy, and Me???

  5. EricB says:

    @ Pam:
    Oh, but if it comes down to popular voice… Lee and Crystal win it.

  6. EricB says:

    @ Pam:
    Well, if it comes down to music ability, and singing in tune, then it really comes down to Casey and Crystal. If it comes down to guitar playing, Casey wins it by about a thousand miles, and if it comes down to demonstrating vocal range, Crystal takes it by about a thousand miles.

    My opinion of course :biggrin:

  7. Pam says:

    @ Jimmyohyeah:
    Lets just put it this way……if it comes down to music ability, showing range, singing in tune, then there is no other choice than Crystal and Lee. If it comes down to who plays guitar well, maybe Casey has a chance. But its a singing competition…..lets be fair.

    Casey needs to go!

  8. EricB says:

    @ Penny:
    Yep, so hopefully Crystal beats Lee next week, shame Casey didn’t beat Lee either to add to that, but that’s the way it goes. If this does end up being what Casey wanted, then I’ll be happy for him any way

  9. Penny says:

    @ Jimmyohyeah:
    Oh Ye, of little faith. You do not KNOW Crystal! My money is on her. She can sing without musical accompaniment, a choir, or over the top stage sets…and ON KEY. This is after all a singing competition, not sexiest man alive. lol

  10. AtlKat says:

    @ EricB: I totally think Casey’s OIAWM was a message to the judges, last night. Jason did the same thing with I Shot the Sheriff, but Casey’s was more subtle. Casey is going to be okay when this whole ordeal is over.

  11. EricB says:

    Actually, if anything, Casey needs to get off Idol. I’ve just listened to all his performances, from when he first came auditioned to just last night (listened to both again), and Casey will never get the respect he deserves on Idol, nor will he be able to perform at the level he is capable of, and even if he did, he’s still unfairly criticized by the judges when compared to the other two. I wanted to see a Crystal-Casey finale, but you know what, I think Casey has been saying for the past couple of weeks “Fuck Idol” in a nice, singing way, and that’s by not putting effort into it. Even if he did, the judges would still eat him up on it in one way or another, or he would have to do a slower song, which he could have chosen, but he’s been doing those for the past 5 weeks. Casey has had two moments on Idol with “Jealous Guy” and “Don’t”, and now before the public opinion of him decreases even more because he outlasts Crystal or Lee, he needs to go, and use the Idol tour to show who he truly is, and if the producers and anyone that is involved with it tries to let him not be himself, Casey needs to kick them in the balls.

    So I’m fine with a Crystal-Lee finale, it’s what I want now, and it’s hopefully what were going to get. Lee needs the win a hell of a lot more than Casey and Crystal, but I will still root for Crystal, because I wold love to see Crystal come out on top.

    The only reason I do kind of want Casey to stay, is to give the big F-U to the judges who were setting up for a Crystal-Lee finale for weeks now, but otherwise, let the judges have their finale, let the Casey fans be happy he’s off this terribly judged season of Idol, and lets look forward to the careers after Idol for the three of them.

  12. sonya says:

    @ Sue:

    Not that they are valid this year, but I am heartened.
    Those are the two it should be.
    Which two do you mean and why are you heartened?

  13. Jimmyohyeah says:

    Mike did a, maybe a little better than Casey and he went home.

    Crystal did, maybe a little better than Casey….

    Casey is from a state with lots of phone s and texting machines…

    Any votes for Mike will go to the underdog, just because they don’t want to see the competition win. (If the Yankmees beat the Sox in the playoffs, I immediately become a fan of the team the Yankmees are playing)

    Crystal was really good at the beginning, hasn’t improved, picked a predictable song last night and shouted it, and really doesn’t seem like she wants to be there much less win.

    Casey needs American Idol, Crystal doesn’t.

    Crystal goes home, but Lee will win it all.

  14. ABB says:

    Looks like Dial Idol has made a firm, definite prediction finally… fir the first time this season!

  15. starshine0810 says:

    @ BJ:
    oh, your hard of hearing…I’m sorry… :sad:

  16. BJ says:


  17. starshine0810 says:

    Well, I have recently said it would be a “Lee” win and I still believe that.
    He was so, so, good tonight. I got chills and tears on his first song….he is probably the most dreamy, sexy male winner ever…and I say winner because that is what I feel…

  18. EricB says:

    Is there anyway to see more accurate numbers? I would say based on the difference between Casey and Crystal, Casey’s going home anyway, but I’m still curious if there is anything more reliable?

  19. Sue says:

    Not that they are valid this year, but I am heartened.
    Those are the two it should be.

  20. angie says:


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