Dialidol Predictions (Top 6)

Here are you official Dialidol predictions for tonight. It could be an interesting night. Leave your thoughts in a comment.

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  1. Zip says:

    @ ABB:
    I love to read ur stuff ABB. Its the most honest and unpretentious stuff on here. Kudos.

  2. BenM says:

    People used to call David Cook arrogant too. I couldn’t agree less – with Cookie or with big Mike.

  3. Karen C says:

    @ Dale Nicholson:
    The theme next week will be Songs of Janis Joplin. Just kidding but I’m sure it will be something to redeem Crystal and put her back in the running to buy her mom that house Ryan promised.

  4. Easy Rider says:

    @ evertimm:
    Actually I’m impressed by the statement Mike made 3 years ago.When you consider the odds were outrageously against him being in the top ten 3 years ago.
    A million in one maybe? evertimm, that is what is called confidence, the courage to dream and believe in yourself, the power of positive thinking if you will. Dream it, visualize it, and make it happen baby. I admire Big Mike for that. I think I can :smile: I think I can :smile: I think I can :smile:

  5. evertimm says:

    @ iwantoknow:
    check my post above yours

  6. evertimm says:

    i hope that big mike goes home tonight. i just don’t like him. he seems really arrogant to me and i heard an interview with him where he said something to the effect that 3 years ago he made a list of all the songs he would sing when he made it to the top ten this year. how arrogant is that. it just seems like he thinks he has to win, that america has to vote for him. newsflash…..we don’t have to vote for him!

  7. iwantoknow says:

    thought it was cool that Crystal was more laid back and open tonight – was not the least bit offended by her comments – especially since she’s been the least talkative of the group – and criticised for that in the past – and saying this – she’s not my fav – but glad to know she’s human.

    I’m think Casey James is sneaking in the back door – for a spot in the finale – hide in the bushes and watch.

    Aaron was amazing – he really showed his talent tonight – I was so glad for him.

    Lee (my favorite) had an off night technically – but I love his voice.

    Siobhan – man, she can sing – but she’s all over the place.

    Mike – beautiful voice – but very stuck in the ballads.

    I think Mike will go.

  8. abc says:

    omg!!!aaron was awesome tonight~~!!!i love him ..and based on his voice eversince he auditioned i know he will do great one day..and this day has finally come!!!he has a huge range of voice but sometimes he is just not confident enough and just give him a few more years n he will be perfect!!!!im so proud of you aaron~~

  9. randomx6 says:

    Bye Mike…(if there is any justice in the world – since there is not bye Crystal or Lee (what do you think of your save now, judges?)

  10. Dale Nicholson says:

    @ Ren:

    You make an excellent point.

    I also thought to myself that she was a bit bristly with her comments—and it struck me as just a little bit diva-ish, which was surprising to me because I honestly think she is NOT a diva. . . Not at all.

    BTW, notice how more humble Mike has been since his scare of 2/3 weeks ago—when he did his Pecs joke with Simon, etc. America senses any uncalled for diva–ish–ness, which makes me think Aaron has a chance to go far (top 3?) because he is nothing but humble. Good kid.

    I think Mike is bottom two tonight, but I’ll stay with my pick to go home–and probably Be Wrong.

  11. Ren says:

    Siobhan is the best singer; however, she is polarizing — it’s the price of being original and different.
    Based on last night’s performance, Crystal should go home, her voice was squeaky and boring, and her comments after the Judges spoke were even worse. What’s with telling her boyfriend in front of millions to “Man Up”? Wierd!
    Michael will leave tonight.

  12. Dale Nicholson says:

    BTW, anyone know what the theme is next week?
    I’m trying to recall what’s left—show tunes? The songs of Donna Summer would be a hoot. Can you only imagine how entertaining that would be?

  13. Dale Nicholson says:

    It would be very shocking if Lee got the boot, by far the best male singer and arguably the best singer of them all (Crystal and Lee should be the final two—barring a major meltdown by either).

    My 2 cents.

  14. Leila says:

    The only shocking boots at this point would be Crystal or Siobhan.

  15. Joyce says:

    I just had a vision of a Crystal/Aaron final 2. Please don’t do that!!

  16. glamourpuss says:

    I think they were all alot better than in past weeks but I would send Siobhan out the door tonight. Next week either Aaron or Mike.

  17. rachel says:

    Dialidol votes this year seem to be on the weekly performances more than the singer’s fan bases. Fan bases must be really low on everyone else but Aaron !
    I still think he WILL be in the bottom two with Siobhan.

  18. Dale Nicholson says:

    I agree; America—in these difficult times (or anytime) pulls for someone like an Aaron.

    Not a chance he goes home tonight—and he probably will stay around longer than Casey, I hope. :smile:


  19. Dale Nicholson says:

    I was wrong last week (big time) in that someone DID get sent home, but at least I got the Tim call correct (which was easy).

    After she sang last night, I thought Siobhan was going home this week—despite raves from the judges. I am basing it ONLY on her singing and the other performances.

    Having said that. . . .

    I do know, as Simon said a few weeks ago, her attire is distracting and probably won’t go over well in middle America in the near future–as an older segment of the population votes, so I wouldn’t look for her to be in the top three at the end. Dale, are you suggesting she is a bit strange or distracting for some voters . . . . yes. In that, Simon is correct.

    If not this week, she goes home soon (fair or not fair).


  20. DrillerAA says:

    @ DJSlim:
    I don’t think so. The shocker will be that Aaron now has the fan base to propel him into the top three….maybe the final two.

  21. DJSlim says:

    it is possible Lee may be the shock boot of the season tonight?

  22. DrillerAA says:

    Based solely on tonight’s performances, Siobhan is TOAST!
    Based on body of work, there will be no saving Mike tomorrow night.

  23. ABB says:

    Oh my. I had hoped that Lee would hit his song out of the park, but he didn’t. Aaron did a great job with his song and changing the lyrics slightly only worked in his favor. Good for him. Perhaps we might see a wee bit of a shakeup tomorrow. And perhaps we might be regretting the save already being used?

  24. Easy Rider says:

    Not surprised one bit. I realize country music is not popular with everyone. But for those that have an ear for it, I’m sure they will say Aaron was the best performer of the night. Coupled with the fact he picked up a great many of Teflon Tim” votes. :wink:

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