Did Your Favorite Make The Top 13 (Poll)

Tonight the Top 13 for American Idol Season 10 were revealed and it was a tense night with some nail biting moments. Now that is all said and done we have our Top 13. Some will be happy with the choices, others won’t. Did your favorite make the Top 13? Leave your vote in the poll below and your thoughts in a comment.

  1. Tom says:

    I can’t beleive Juli from Columbia did not make it!

  2. DrillerAA says:

    I would have preferred Kendra over Ashton. Just sayin’

  3. traveler says:

    The wild card picks sucked ass. They should have put Brett and that annoying Jun big through. Unreal. I dont know what goes on in the judges heads sometimes. Also to pick Scott over John Wayned Shulz was the first real travesty of the season. Other than those complaints they got it right. I like Lauren, Casey and Paul the best.

  4. Dr. Electro says:

    I was tempted to pick the silly show but instead I admitted that my favorites all made it through.

    However, There are some wildcard picks that I dislike very much. No names but I can’t stand the way they sing and act stupid on the stage.

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