“Duets” S1 – Week 3 (Live Blogging)


It’s Songs That Inspire night on ABC’s Duets, as Superstars Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Jennifer Nettles, and Robin Thick continue singing duets with their amateur partners. But that inspiration will only go so far as one of the contestants is eliminated tonight.

The rankings after last week’s performances looked like this:


  1. Meleana Brown & J Rome (tie)
  3. Bridget Carrington
  4. John Glosson
  5. Jordan Meredith
  6. Alexis Foster
  7. Jason Farol
  8. Olivia Chisholm

Little is known about how this is going to work, but it is believed that all eight amateurs will sing their duets tonight and will be scored by the other Superstars (which will be combined with the scores above). After all the performances the Bottom 2 will sing for their lives, with one of them singing no more (at least on this show).

IdolBlogLive.com does not actively follow Duets at this time, though occasionally we may post an audio or video clip from the show if a performance or contestant catches our eyes. For a live blog of tonight’s show, head over to the Idol Radio Show website and read Token White Guy’s take on what happens.

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