Episode 10 – Hollywood (S9)


Hollywood week continues with Day 3 and the group rounds. 96 contestants have moved on and I will have the live blog after the jump.

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Live Blog Begins Here

Hell week continues for 96 contestants when they are split into groups. They have to agree on a song and add choreography. Of course there will be time for practice before hitting the stage. Wonder if there will be drama? Most likely.

Of course we get to see the groups trying to figure things out. Who is in the group, who is kicked out, where they are going to practice. Blah blah blah. Let’s just hit the stage and sing. The hell with all the drama.

When we finally make it to the stage the first group includes Charity Vance, Michelle Delamor and Ashley Rodriguez. They sound decent and are cute. Ellen sends them all through.

Next group includes new father Mike Lynche, Michael Castro, Seth Rollins and Tim Urban. They sound great together. Tim and Mike Lynche are in. Castro and Rollins are packing their bags.

Up next is Liz Rooney, Paige Miles, Thaddeus Johnson and Jessica Cunningham. They decided on “Bad Romance” by Lady Gag Gag and it sounds awful. I hope they all go home. Simon enjoyed it a lot and they send them all on to the final round.

Theiry Harden, Todrick Hall, Soibhan Magnus, Jareb Liewer bang out the same Lady Gag Gag song. It sounds just as bad. The crowd gives them a standing O. Ellen thought it was weird but they are all sticking around.

Now we are just flying through the groups and everyone seems to be heading on and no one is going home. There must be something in the judges cups cause some of these performances sucked.

Tori Kelly, Maddie Penrose, Danny Jones, Mark Labriola are next. They all sound terrible. The performance is even halted early. I missed who went home and who stayed in the group since the baby was crying. Sorry.

Moorea Masa, Ben Honeycutt, Jeffery Goldford and Jermaine Sellers loose a member just before hitting the stage. Kat Nestel has bailed and quit the show. The performance is flat but Jermaine and Jeff are sent through.

Amanda Schectman, Allen Burton, Matthew Lawrence and Bryce Larson are the next group. They sound pretty awful but Ellen cracked a smile. Simon killed the performance early and sent them all to the tarmac.

Oh man I give up the baby is awake. No more live blogging for me tonight. I will add videos in a little while. Sorry everyone but baby comes first.

Michelle Delamor, Ashley Rodriguez and Charity Vance

Michael Lynche, Seth Rollins, Tim Urban and Michael Castro

Theiry Harden, Todrick Hall, Soibhan Magnus, Jareb Liewer

Moorea Masa, Ben Honeycutt, Jeffery Goldford and Jermaine Sellers

Alex Lambert, Mary Powers and Hope Johnson

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