Episode 4 – Auditions (S9)


Season 9 auditions continue tonight with a stop in Orlando. If you are watching, which I am sure you are, feel free to chat about the show live on the sidebar or leave your thoughts on who your favorites were tonight in a comment.

Don’t forget tonight at 11PM EST is the Idol Radio show hosted by Sir Darryl and Alan Attebery. You can Click Here to tune in and listen. You will even be able to call into the show and some of the comments made here might even make it to the show.

Live Blog Begins Here

You aren’t going to get much at all from me tonight in the way of a live blog. I am not feeling so hot and the last thing I want to do is blog anything. I will put up videos as they hit the net but that is all. Feel free to discuss the auditions in the comments

Live Blog Ends Here

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