Episode 7 – Auditions (S9)


Season 9 auditions continue tonight with a stop in Denver and I will bring you somewhat of a live blog. Depends on how things start off.

If you are watching, which I am sure you are, feel free to chat about the show live on the sidebar or leave your thoughts on who your favorites were tonight in a comment.

Don’t forget tonight at 11PM EST is the Idol Radio show hosted by Sir Darryl and Alan Attebery. You can Click Here to tune in and listen. You will even be able to call into the show and some of the comments made here might even make it to the show.

Live Blog Begins Here

Victoria Beckham is the guest judge tonight. You aren’t going to get to much of a live blog. Just who went through to Hollywood and some videos. I hate blogging auditions and Michael is blogging on a different site now.

Hollywood Bound Contestants
Mark LaBriola
Kimberly Kerbow
Danelle Hayes
Casey James
Tori Kelly
Nicci Nix
Haeley Vaughn

Mark LaBriola Audition

Kimberly Kerbow Audition

Danelle Hayes Audition

Tori Kelly Audition

Casey James Audition

Nicci Nix Audition

Haeley Vaughn Audition

Bikini Boy Audition

Video Source : rickey.org

  1. Michael says:

    Another fairly boring episode. But at least Simon was on his game. Him telling that one girl that he could see why she was single was damn hilarious.

    I couldn’t be more ready for Hollywood Week. I’m tired of the suck parade.

  2. Terilynn says:

    This show, “Not so much” :sad: Hope it’s better tonight.

  3. Sonya says:

    BIKINI BOY!!!!! ROFLMAOPMP! That cracked me up! :)

  4. Easy Rider says:

    I watched the clips and Haeley Vaughn was my fav. Not saying she was great, because there were really no stand outs. But she was OK. Not sure her genere of pop country will take her very far though. :cheerful:

  5. rachel says:

    I hope the ones we didn’t see are better than the ones we did see…

  6. ABB says:

    @ DJSlim:
    Hmph, fair-weather friend :(

  7. DJSlim says:

    @ angie:

    i forgive ya :)

  8. angie says:

    @ DJSlim:

    Jeez…I am so slow…I didn’t even pay attention. Obviously, huh? :tongue: :silly:

  9. DJSlim says:

    @ angie:

    michael isn’t blogging anymore. he took a spot live blogging for ainow.org :(

  10. ABB says:

    @ rachel:
    Apparently you can get a Barbie body in one of two ways, surgically and by not eating. :lol:

  11. rachel says:

    Wow, first audition from Mark was awesome. VERY nice voice ! :smile:

  12. rachel says:

    Victoria has a Barbie doll shaped body. :wassat:

  13. angie says:

    Cue the comments!

    Welcome back, Michael Lamp!

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