Favorite Season 10 Judge

We have now seen the 3 judges at 4 different audition locations and we are starting to see their personalities and quirks. Which judge is your favorite so far? Leave your vote in the poll below and thoughts in a comment.

  1. ABB says:

    @ Jimmyohyeah:
    You got it – 18 and trying to sell it is different from a 15 year old. That was my whole point.

  2. Jimmyohyeah says:

    I think it would go too far if he was blatently inappropriate with some of the younger ones. I have two young daughters and I wouldn’t want some “grandpa” leering at them, much less make any innuendos, but when they are 18 and are trying to sell it, then give the guy some slack. As gross as it may seem, men don’t have a “change of life.”

  3. ABB says:

    @ Jimmyohyeah:
    “Can’t blame his behavior”??? The day it’s okay for a 60 something to lech on a 15 yr old is the day they let all sexual predators out of jail and repeal Megan’s Law. Self control is not an impossibility. And I’m not even saying that looking at the menu is wrong, but making the comments is just gross. Keep in mind that I do like Steven on the show, but I agree with Angie that some of his comments and actions are a little out of line towards minors.

  4. angie says:

    @ Jimmyohyeah:

    Jealousy? I think not. He had women throwing themselves at him so it’s OK for him to be creepy around young girls? I don’t buy that argument. Look, I’m not a prude, I just find it creepy. If he wasn’t a “rock star” it wouldn’t be OK. I just find it a little icky, that’s all. I guess it’s just the mother in me.

  5. Jimmyohyeah says:

    @ angie:

    Do I sense a hint of jealousy?

    The guy is the same age as my Mother so that is a little uncomfortable, but he’s used to woman throwing themselves at him so can’t blame his behavior.

    Nuncle, good comment. What will they be like live?

  6. nuncle says:

    I love Paula – I mean Steven – but really am pretty bored so far even with the good editing. Very curious to see what happens when they go live, in fact that may be the next time I bother to watch.
    Missing Simon a lot because I am not impressed with the ability of the 2 newbies to really judge talent. What, they have put 500 people through to Hollywood so far?

  7. angie says:

    I’d have to say Randy and JLo. I like Steven and the comedy he adds, but the constant leering and sexual innuendo drive me batty.

    I miss the original 3, but I like these three, too.

  8. ABB says:

    I’m a big girl and can admit when I am wrong – initially I thought Steven Tyler was going to be an awful choice for a judge. Well, he’s definitely my favorite ever. Like Starshine said, I don’t even miss Simon at all.

  9. starshine0810 says:

    Steven is such a sweetheart and is so honest with his judging..and so is JLO..she even fusses at Randy when he falls back into the old insulting way of judging.. I really like all of them…in fact,,,have there ever been other judges?? these three have wonderful charisma..I don’t even miss Simon at all…sorry..

  10. jalin says:

    Been missing IBL due to work but have watched AI as I DVR it. I am love, love, loving Steven Tyler as well as the whole “vibe” between all 3 judges. Comparing it to the last few years, the others who judged don’t even matter anymore, even Simon. Looking forward to a great season and many more laughs from Mr. Tyler!

  11. Jimmyohyeah says:

    Steven Tallerico, hands down.

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