Idol 10 Live Blog (Finale)

Last week the Top 3, this week the Finale. Someone will be crowned the winner tomorrow. Who will shine and will someone finally fall off the stage? Tune in and see how it all goes down in my live blog below.

Don’t forget tonight at 11PM EST is the Idol Radio show hosted by Sir Darryl and Alan Attebery. You can Click Here to tune in and listen. You will even be able to call into the show and some of the comments made here might even make it to the show.

TMZ broke a story earlier that Lauren was unable to sing and that the producers have Haley in makeup and wardrobe just in case. Ryan has made it official and Lauren will compete.

Contestant : Scotty McCreery
Voting Number : 1-866-idols-01 03 05 07
Song Title : “Gone”
Judges Thoughts : NONE
Slim’s Score : 7/10 Scotty opens the show with his favorite performance of the year. Not a bad start. Not a great start. Sounded a bit off to me. Hope the other 2 songs are better

Contestant : Lauren Alaina
Voting Number : 1-866-idols-02 04 06 08
Song Title : “Flat On The Floor”
Judges Thoughts : NONE
Slim’s Score : 8/10 A better start than Scotty and Lauren has issues with her vocal cords. Sounded great. Round 1 goes to Lauren.

Contestant : Scotty McCreery
Voting Number : 1-866-idols-01 03 05 07
Song Title : “Check Yes Or No”
Judges Thoughts : NONE
Slim’s Score : 8/10 Sounded better than Scotty’s first performance. Still something doesn’t sound quite right. Must be the fact that they are on the big stage tonight.

Contestant : Lauren Alaina
Voting Number : 1-866-idols-02 04 06 08
Song Title : “Maybe It Was Memphis”
Judges Thoughts : NONE
Slim’s Score : 6/10 Sounded rough but Lauren looked great. Her vocal issue really showed that time. Round 2 goes to Scotty.

Randy : Round 1 goes to Scotty. Round 2 to Lauren
Jennifer : Round 1 goes to Scotty. Round 2 to Lauren
Steven : Round 1 goes to Lauren. Round 2 to Lauren

Contestant : Scotty McCreery
Voting Number : 1-866-idols-01 03 05 07
Song Title : “Love You This Big”
Judges Thoughts : (R) This song wasn’t the perfect song for you but the range was perfect. You are here and you are in it to win it. I am proud of you. That was a brilliant vocal (S) You have come a long way. You nailed it again. (J) You are a great story teller. An amazing job with that song.
Slim’s Score : 5/10 This was the single that Scotty will release if he wins tomorrow night and it was awful. There is no way it will even make the Top 10 on the charts. Straight up garbage.

Contestant : Lauren Alaina
Voting Number : 1-866-idols-02 04 06 08
Song Title : “Like My Mother Does”
Judges Thoughts : (R) Great song. Great ode to your mom. That was the Lauren we grew to love. That was amazing. (S) You just gave it up to you mom. You are in my eyes. (J) You may have just won with that song. It was perfect for you.
Slim’s Score : 8/10 Rock on Lauren. An awesome end to the season. Round 3 goes to Lauren.

Randy : Round 3 goes to Lauren
Jennifer : It’s a tight race
Steven : Round 3 goes to Lauren

Well that’s it folks. The competition is over and tomorrow we crown a winner. I am picking Lauren for the win because she is the under dog but after tonight I honestly don’t think either of them will sell shit for records. What do you think? Who will win? Leave your thoughts in a comment and tune in tomorrow night when Queen Angie blogs the results and crowns a winner.

  1. Daniella says:

    We here in Suriname(South America) love Scotty….. Scotty we wish you good luck!!!! The ladies and gents of Suribet

  2. shelly says:

    absolutly loved ” love you this big ” scotty did a great job with it and sounded fantastic. cant wait for his album to hit the stores. this young man gives me chills when he sings. way to go scotty !!!

  3. gb says:

    i dont want conflcts here,,,anyone deserves to win,but based on the final performance,Lauren wins,,,but Scotty will win the title..

  4. gb says:

    lets see if scotty wins,,,you are insane saying that they are switching the votes of scotty giving way to Lauren..

  5. ABB says:

    Well OBVIOUSLY, that TMZ reported something means it’s TRUE! Gosh! Everybody knows that TMZ is the MOST reputable reporting agency EVER! It is NOT a celebrity gossip site, and has absolutely NOTHING to do with rumors and speculation AT ALL. I mean, there are really hard-hitting Pulitzer-prize worthy articles in there like “Kim Kardashian – The Great Altered Butt Debate”, “Chuck Liddell – The Difference Between Poop and Sex”, and “Bieber’s Haircut – Altering the Course of Humanity”.

    Sheesh. I hate when the little kiddies get to play on the computer and have such a limited viewpoint that no one else’s opinion can possibly be different from theirs. It truly is a big world, and it’s STILL not revolving around one person.

  6. Ashley says:

    Comment removed by admin. Do not threaten other posters.

  7. Ashley says:

    look dude dont insult me its on the phone numbers were switched for the contestants so she received his votes. dont run your mouth unless you know your shit got it!!!!

  8. gb says:

    lots of people here are becoming insane..switching votes???hello..the two of them deserves to be the winner

  9. ashley says:

    heard the voting numbers were switched so yea i wanna thank idol for cheatin for lauren cause she recieved all of scottys votes. hell of a way to win right? rig the competion that oughta do it. oh and as for damaged vocal cords i dont think so she was sure hittin notes that wouldnt be possible with damaged vocals plus after haley was brought in to replace her she was suddenly fine. AI is scripted and they cheat for certain people who sure as hell couldnt make it on their own! Haley was a threat to lauren and they knew that thats why shes gone and thats why jlo and randy were always hatin on her! So congrats america the new idol was cheated through that should make you all so proud!!!

  10. norac says:

    I loved Laurens 3rd song “Like my mother does” up until I heard her sing this song, I had Scotty winning it all, now I hope Lauren wins she is a much better singer.

  11. bev says:


  12. spirikitik says:

    What’s this ! Two country singer on the final?
    These 2 will not even be on the top 10 of the country song singing contest

  13. gb says:

    plss…dont lose hope for voting lauren

  14. gb says:

    dont stop voting for Lauren….its time for a miracle!!!!!!!!!////

  15. Sam says:

    They did everything in their power for a Lauren win. I think she has a better voice and of the two of them, deserves to win. (I actually think someone else should have won). However, Scotty is very cute, and I have a feeling that since they practically coronated Lauren, his fans will rise up and insure that he wins!

  16. Bruce says:

    After just two songs, it is so obvious that Scotty is only OK and he is so one-dimensional. Therefore I am pulling and voting for Lauren all the way. I don’t even need to hear the third song of each. The worst thing about Lauren was her outfit and those stupid rings during the second song.

  17. stevie says:

    first time I yawned at a final. Bad judging, mediocre finalists and a show in dire need of someone who actual can give constructive critisism.

  18. sonya says:

    Who I am voting for,

    SCOTTY!!!! :)


    Scotty: Scotty was great!!!! :) His single I love you this big umm well, he sang it great but I don’t think the song is for him.

    Lauren: Meh. Something is missing. She is not singing uniquely like she used to. I still love you Lauren!!! Her single Like my mother does, she sang to her MOTHER!!! That means she just won american idol!!!! :)

    The show: Damn they rushed the show very quickly!!!!! The judges didn’t even vote until later! What the hell? And what is with Steven Tyler’s comment about he thinks Lauren won the round because she is prettier? HUH?! I miss Simon Cowell. :(

    Cookie: WOOT WOOT! :) LOVE IT!!

  19. EricB22193 says:

    Final ratings of the season:

    Scotty Song 1- 9/10- Excellent start by Scotty. Upbeat, fun, and vocally he was awesome. Scotty made a smart choice with this song.

    Lauren Song 1- 6/10- Third best performance of the season when she originally did it, but this time around it was weak, pitchy, and an obvious struggle for Lauren to get through. Guess that’s what popping a vocal cord will do for you.

    Scotty Song 2- 6/10- Not as good as his first performance, but still solid. It was incredibly boring though, and I was actually falling asleep. It takes a whole lack of energy and excitement to make me start falling asleep to a performance, but this was doing it.

    Lauren Song 2- 5/10- Another mediocre performance by Lauren. It’s not entirely her fault, but at the same time maybe it’s a lesson for her not to push so hard in rehearsals. Thank god though we didn’t have to deal with Haley coming back in her place, but still Lauren to this point has performed at an average Haley level, so she may as well have come back and replaced Lauren.

    Scotty Song 3- 3/10- Terrible song, terrible singing, there was nothing to this song. Scotty should lose for the sole purpose of not being forced to release this garbage as his first single. Horrendous.

    Lauren Song 3- 8/10- Awesome way to end the night. Even with her stiffed vocals, Lauren was able to give this great performance. Scotty’s first song was still the best of the night, but this comes in second. It was emotional, the vocals were good, and this could really be a good single for Lauren, more reason why Scotty should lose, and Lauren should win. Hell, fans of Scotty, if they really are fans, should make sure Scotty lose so that garbage he did doesn’t come out as his single (or doesn’t have to, since it might anyway).

    Lauren- 20/30
    Scotty- 18/30

    Scotty’s gonna win this unfortunately if all goes as normal, but I’m still hoping for some miracle.

    At the end of the day though, the real American Idol for me for the season is either Casey or Pia. Casey and Pia should have been the finale. I mean this wasn’t bad, but that finale would have been awesome on so many levels. You have an amazing singer vs an amazing musician, and a pitch perfect vocalist vs an amazing performer, and it would have been a lot better than what we saw tonight. It would have been two entirely different singers/performers/musicians colliding, wherever in this finale, while they weren’t exactly the same, they were very similar.

    Oh well, at least those that should definitely not have won, didn’t (James, Jacob, Stefano, Paul, Naima, the Spanish girl, and whoever it was that got eliminated top 13 week). Thia, in a similar sense as Pia that vocally she was flawless, could have won, Pia is obvious, and Haley improved drastically to the point I could have accepted her winning. I still would have loved Casey to win it, but then again, he doesn’t really fit the Idol winner mold with his style of music. Oh well…

    … GO LAUREN!

  20. rachel says:

    I like them both equally, so I will be happy with either of them winning. I think Scotty will win it, but I think it’s going to be close !

  21. Andy says:

    When does X Factor start?

  22. CG says:

    Ick this song kinda sucks

  23. ABB says:

    Dare I say it… the show is moving so much faster without the judges chitchatting. In fact, both of them have sung 2 songs before the half hour is over…

  24. angie says:

    @ Doc– Thanks for cueing for me! :) It’s my daddy’s birthday and we didn’t get home in time for me to cue. :)

  25. DJSlim says:

    fixed pitter. sorry.

  26. J says:

    Under Lauren, you all have the mp3 music for Scotty, there by mistake for the first song… No big deal, great website!…

  27. Mark Casper says:

    Tie to me. Both very good.

  28. pitter says:

    the audio attached to lauren’s section is scotty singing….whats up?

  29. Dr. Electro says:

    Cue the comments for Queen Angie.

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