Idol 10 Live Blog (Top 6)

Last week the Top 7, this week the Top 6. Another will go home tomorrow. Who will shine and will someone finally fall off the stage? Tune in and see how it all goes down in my live blog below.

Don’t forget tonight at 11PM EST is the Idol Radio show hosted by Sir Darryl and Alan Attebery. You can Click Here to tune in and listen. You will even be able to call into the show and some of the comments made here might even make it to the show.

Contestant : Jacob Lusk
Voting Number : 1-866-idols-01
Song Title : “Oh No Not My Baby”
Judges Thoughts : (R) A couple of sharp spots but you brought it back. You are a great singer. (S) We all knew you could sing. Its about time you shook your tail feathers. When you strut like that, that is the magic (J) There were spaces were it wasn’t perfect but in the end you brought it home and killed it.
Slim’s Score : 5/10 I swear each week you understand less and less of the song. Probably my pick to go home tonight. Oh wait he is. Do we really need to continue?

Contestant : Lauren Alaina
Voting Number : 1-866-idols-02
Song Title : “Where You Leave”
Judges Thoughts : (R) I didn’t love the song, it was safe and boring but you made it something more. Its about you. Lauren continue to go hard for it. (S) I saw you shine tonight when your voice broke. You keep shining. (J) I am so proud of you. I felt you pushing. Those barriers are hard to break as a singer. Your pushing and thats what you need to do.
Slim’s Score : 7/10 Better than Jacob but kind of weak. With only 6 left anything could happen. Hopefully Lauren is safe.

Haley and Casey Duet “I Feel The Earth Move”

Contestant : Scotty McCreery
Voting Number : 1-866-idols-03
Song Title : “You Got A Friend”
Judges Thoughts : (R) You turned the other cheek from last week. The start was flawless. It was an excellent job. Loved it. Scotty is in it to win it. (S) I like the way you went up on that one note and held it. I don’t think you ever sang better. The front was beautiful (J) You are getting better reaching for the higher registers of your voice. You told the story beautifully.
Slim’s Score : 9/10 Loved it. I will so be putting this studio in my library.

Contestant : James Durbin
Voting Number : 1-866-idols-04
Song Title : “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”
Judges Thoughts : (R) You turned the other cheek. Tonight you proved you are a great singer. That was one of the performances of the last couple of months. This guy may just win the whole thing (S) That was good. You had me sold on it at the beginning. Thats the first song I ever made out with a girl too. (J) It was magical. You had me moving up here for the first time tonight. You are the star of the night.
Slim’s Score : 10/10 James Durbin and Scotty for the Final 2. Mark my words. That was amazing. Another studio I can’t wait to hear.

Lauren and Scotty Duet “Up On The Roof”

Contestant : Casey Abrams
Voting Number : 1-866-idols-05
Song Title : “Hi-Di-Hoe”
Judges Thoughts : (R) You always keep this show different. I am excited everytime you are up there and I applaud you for that (S) It was beautiful. You made my scalp itch it was so good. (J) You were in your element. The whole thing really really worked.
Slim’s Score : 6/10 Casey has overstayed his welcome. He won’t go home this week, Jacob will but get those bags ready Casey cause you are out the door next week.

Contestant : Haley Reinhart
Voting Number : 1-866-idols-06
Song Title : “Beautiful”
Judges Thoughts : (R) I didn’t love the beginning. The end is where I got more excited. (S) You are as beautiful as that songs says. You nailed it now. (J) Beautiful. Amazing.
Slim’s Score : 8/10 Haley closes the show and as usual looks beautiful. I think it was a much better performance than last week but I am nervous she may still hit the bottom 3 again.

Jacob and James Duet “Something Tells Me I’m Into Something Good”

Slim’s Bottom 3

  • Lauren Alaina
  • Casey Abrams
  • Jacob Lusk

Slim’s Pick To Depart

  • Jacob Lusk

So what do you think about tonight? Who did you like and who just didn’t cut it for you? Leave your thoughts in a comment and tune in again tomorrow night at 8PM EST as Queen Angie blogs the results live.

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