Jennifer Lopez “On The Floor” (Idol Performance)

Jennifer Lopez “On The Floor” (Idol Performance)

  1. Farzana says:

    I raelly enjoyed the show. The new songs were awesome as well as the old ones. You guys rock! Thanks for a great way to start the New Year!

  2. DrillerAA says:

    And now, for my 4000th post.

    I’ve said it before, “On The Floor” needs to go in the trash. This is just worthless.

  3. Dr. Electro says:

    The sales numbers on this are incredible but I still don’t like it. Never been a J-Lo fan.

  4. Thanks a lot; I’m dropping this page because us (on the west coast), haven’t seen the show yet! It’s NOT even 7PM yet… think about it!

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