Join The Oscars Pool

At 8PM EST on Sunday 3/7/10 the Oscar Awards will air. Get in on the fun and join my Oscar Pool. I know it is late notice but I am sure we can get a dozen or so people involved.

To Join The Pool – Click Here (Entries Closed Now)


  • Predict who wins in the Oscars in up to 24 different categories

  • Each category is assigned a value from 1 (such as Best Action Short) to 5 points (such as Best Picture)
  • Predict who wins each category in your pool
  • Earn the points associated with each correct prediction
  • Picks Due by 8PM EST on Sunday 3/7/10

To Join The Pool – Click Here

  1. DJSlim says:

    @ randomx6:

    that’s how i picked :)

  2. randomx6 says:

    All in…Just a roll of the dice between Avatar and Hurt Locker…

  3. Joyce says:

    I’m in. I did a lot of guessing on stuff I never even heard of!!

  4. DJSlim says:

    my picks are in. took less than 10 minutes so sign up and play :)

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