Looking For LIVE Bloggers

I am currently looking for a couple of people interested in LIVE blogging on idolbloglive. I am looking for someone to LIVE Blog X Factor and someone to LIVE Blog Survivor. I would love to have someone that wants to write up a full live blog for each episode but of course I will allow you to just post highlights if you want.

If you are interested in covering either X Factor or Survivor simply leave a comment on this post. If there is another show anyone is interested in LIVE Blogging feel free to leave that in a comment as well.

  1. Marguerite says:

    I personally think niki would be a horrible choice. I am not even thrilled with Mariah. I do not think we need to see someone like niki with her weird outfits on idol. I think we need someone else. Last year I thought the show was geared to too much attention to the judges and less to idol contestants. Oh how I miss Simon on this show. We need someone who knows how to give good advice and just not like everyone. Ellen was a disaster andi see this coming again!

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