Moving Servers

Update : Anyone reading this is on the new server. I think I got all the kinks worked out this afternoon but there may still be some issues lurking. If you find anything not working properly, please let me know in a comment.

The plan is to stay here for the remainder of the season and throughout the off season. I have left the old server account intact. If we experience worse problems this week all I have to do is switch which server you all are viewing and we will be right back to where we were. I do think we will be fine on this server and everyone should be able to connect with no problems. I guess we will see on Tuesday and Wednesday.

I have finally had enough of the issues on people not being able to connect on performance and results night. I spent the last 2 nights searching numerous avenues and I think I have come up with a solution to the problem. At least I hope but it will require me to change servers over the weekend. Sometime on Saturday I will be moving the entire blog and everything will be down while I make the move. I am not going to cancel the current hosting account till after this weeks results show just in case the new host doesn’t work out. See everyone on the new server.

  1. Dr. Electro says:

    *dink* That was the sound of a bb bouncing off Joyce’s noggin. Silly girl. :em20: :em70:

  2. Joyce says:

    [quote post="611"]welcome to the ew server[/quote]

    What’s so ‘ew’ about it? lol. Just had to tease. You know me… :em21:

  3. Dr. Electro says:

    Yay!! :em02: We are there!

    Slim, you are the best of the best. Uda :em71:

  4. DJSlim says:

    [quote comment="19351"]Are we there yet? (You know I have to say that.)

    Nice and smooth transition. It seems to be going strong. Good job!! :em60:[/quote]

    some people are seeing the new site, others the old one still. if you see this comment welcome to the ew server. i hope we can keep this one from blowing up :)

  5. Dr. Electro says:

    Are we there yet? (You know I have to say that.)

    Nice and smooth transition. It seems to be going strong. Good job!! :em60:

  6. rachel says:

    Wow !! Was able to get on here instantly ! And was able to post instantly, too ! No error notices ! Thank you so much, Slim ! You are the BEST !!!! :em54:

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