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‘Idol Radio Show’ Podcast (Thursday 3/26/15) ‘Idol Radio Show’ Podcast (Wednesday 3/25/15)
Lovey Podcast

‘Idol Radio Show’ Podcast (Thursday 3/26/15)

  Idol Radio Show With Lovey James Lovey James joined DJSlim and Zip Allen to discuss American Idol, her career and to take calls from her fans. Hit up the podcast to see how the night went and to hear some cool Lovey James tunes. ...

IRS podcast 2

‘Idol Radio Show’ Podcast (Wednesday 3/25/15)

  American Idol Season 14 Episode 22 (Top 9) 3/25/15 DJSlim and Zip Allen went back to the 80’s tonight after America sent 2 contestants home. Zip thought it was a great night, Slim not so much. A couple of standout performances and The Hoff. Catch the podcast! ...

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