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Emily Brooke

‘Idol Radio Show’ Podcast (Wednesday 7/1/15)

  Emily Brooke joined DJSlim and Chuck to promote her new cover “Careless” and to talk about what is going on in her music career! Big Brother was on topic as Emily watches it too. Hit up the podcast for all the fun! ...

Riley Bria Podcast

‘Idol Radio Show’ Podcast (Thursday 4/30/15)

  Idol Radio Show with Riley Bria 4/30/15 Artist Thursday brought us Riley Bria. Zip and Slim asked him about American Idol, life after Idol and what the future holds as well as played some kick ass Riley Bria originals. Check out the podcast! ...

Emily Brooke

‘Idol Radio Show’ Podcast (Thursday 4/23/15)

  Idol Radio Show with Emily Brooke 4/23/15 Artist Thursday brought us Emily Brooke, the one that got away. Slim and Zip discusses American Idol, her career, upcoming gigs as well as renamed her band to Emily Brooke N’DEM! Hit up the podcast for all the fun! ...

Trevor Douglas Podcast

‘Idol Radio Show’ Podcast (Thursday 4/16/15)

  Idol Radio Show with Trevor Douglas 4/16/15 Artists night with Trevor Douglas on the Idol Radio Show and there were technical issues. We promised a podcast and here it is. ...

Katherine Winston Podcast

‘Idol Radio Show’ Podcast (Thursday 4/9/15)

  Idol Radio Show with Katherine Winston 4/9/15 Artists night with Katherine Winston on the Idol Radio Show. DJSlim & Zip Allen talked with her about American Idol, her career and even played a couple of Katherine Winston originals. Hit the podcast for the fun! ...

Loren Lott Podcast

‘Idol Radio Show’ Podcast (Thursday 4/2/15)

  Idol Radio Show with Loren Lott 4/2/15 The Idol Radio Show was graced by the beautiful Loren Lott this evening. Emily Brooke called in to prank her. It worked. Loren was stumped. Slim and Zip discussed Loren’s career, her music and American Idol. Check out the podcast! ...

Lovey Podcast

‘Idol Radio Show’ Podcast (Thursday 3/26/15)

  Idol Radio Show With Lovey James Lovey James joined DJSlim and Zip Allen to discuss American Idol, her career and to take calls from her fans. Hit up the podcast to see how the night went and to hear some cool Lovey James tunes. ...

Alexis Gomez Podcast

‘Idol Radio Show’ Podcast (Thursday 3/19/15)

  American Idol Season 14 Episode 21 (Top 10) 3/19/15 ...


‘Idol Radio Show’ Podcast (Wednesday 3/18/15)

  Idol Radio Show With Adam Ezegelian & Michael Simeon ...

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