Randy Jackson Is Not Leaving Idol

Randy Jackson has dismissed reports that he is leaving Idol. Basically all this means is he hasn’t been fired YET but we all know anything can happen in a second with American Idol.

His two sidekicks quit Idol last week (ends13Jul12), and the shake-up prompted gossip sites and bloggers to suggest that TV bosses were looking to make a clean sweep and start season 12 with a whole new judging panel.

One insider went so far to suggest Jackson would step back from the judges’ desk and mentor wannabes, so his longtime friend and collaborator Mariah Carey could take his place.

But the session musician-turned-TV personality insists he’ll be back.

Appearing on The View on Friday (20Jul12), he said, “Someone called me the glue (of the show).”

Jackson went on to state he has no hard feelings about being the last man standing, following Tyler and Lopez’s departure, stating, “I love Steven and Jennifer immensely… I’ve been friends with them for a long time, (and) that will continue.”

Source : rickey.org

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