Randy Jackson is the new Simon Cowell

Not only is Randy Jackson sitting in Simon’s old seat on the American Idol judges panel, but the Dawg’s been nipping at contestants, according to Ryan Seacrest.

Jackson is “the one to shut it down the most,” Seacrest said yesterday on his L.A. radio show in describing the first two audition stops — Milwaukee and Jersey City.

And an Idol source tells E! that Jackson “has stepped up his game and is being more blunt and bottom line. He’s definitely not wishy-washy. He’s, like, rebranded himself a little.”

Source: USA Today

  1. @ Jimmyohyeah:

    So here’s the question: Can Randy Jackson really think for himself? Is he really providing good feedback to the auditioners now, much like he did the first few seasons of AI?

  2. Jimmyohyeah says:

    All he’s ever done is rehash what Simon said. Now he’s gotta think for himself.

  3. DrillerAA says:

    Somebody has to play the bad cop.

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