Season 10 Top 24 Poll

Now that we officially know who has made the Top 24 for Season 10 of American Idol it is time to ask you if your favorite made the cut. Simply leave your vote in the poll below and leave your favorites in a comment.

I am happy to report my favorites made it but everyone knows I don’t vote based on singing ability.

  1. Stacy says:

    I’m SOO happy that Casey is still in!! You better believe that he brings the geek-sexy!
    Also, I’m so happy for Brett. He’s got a really good heart & I love that he’s showing the bullies what for.

  2. EricB says:

    Casey’s still there, so it’s all cool in this party.

  3. DrillerAA says:

    I’m still gonna miss the White House intern

  4. rachel says:

    I have three favorites so far, and all three made it. This is a very good season in my opinion !

  5. cobrisco says:

    I can’t believe that guy withn tourette’s is in. They milk his story. He is horrible, can’t sing, just yells. He is a Adam Lambert wannabe…I barelly saw that guy – Colton?_ before, but thought he nailed with the piano and he is out? U kidding me? Also, Jovanni? please

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