SYTYCD 8 Episode 23 (Finale)

Tonight we crown a winner. Will it be your favorite? Tune in as Queen Angie blogs the finale.

Winner Of So You Think You Dance

Yeah, so I missed the show last night. Also haven’t had time to watch clips today. I go into this fin-ollie totally clueless.

Group dance! Wanna Get Hype by District 78. Ryan’s huge hair distracts me from anything else going on around the stage. Hey, wait! Is this All-Stars and newbies? I can’t even tell. Maybe it was the Top 20? Oh, there’s the final 4! I love Melanie! Melanie FTW! Choreography by Sonya for that group dance.

Please welcome your host! Cat Deely! What. The. H. is Sonya wearing? Oh, look! She got her mohawk all permed and stuff. By the way, Cat is in shiny red tonight with particularly plain hair. Disappointed, Cat. Look at the jidges’ table! Lil C, Robin Antin, Tyce Diorio, Sonya Tayeh, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe are all crammed in together.

Cat brings out the Final Four. Lil C says a bunch of stuff that doesn’t make sense and congratulates them on surviving. Robin says she’s proud of them all. She is the cat lady. Stop going under the knife, Robbie Rob. Tyce tells them they are in the pocket. Person, spirit, talent, blah blah blah. Just don’t do any more Broadway, Tycey. Sonya says thank you, craft, amazing, etc. Jesse says you guys should be so scared! He also says they all possess a spark. Mary says some other stuff about spirit and stuff. She needs a push-up bra. Nigel says stuff about inspiration and apologizes for some stuff he said last night. I’m clueless of course.

Recaps all the way back to auditions.

Time for a jidges’ pick. Mary chooses Tyce’s dance featuring Sasha and Kent. It’s the one against the wall to Fool Of Me. I love Kent! I can’t NOT watch him. Also, I don’t care much for Sasha. But y’all know that.

Next up, clips of Mary and Nigel together again at the jidges’ table this season. Cute. This is a segue into the Marko and Melanie Nappy Tabs dance to I Got You by Leona Lewis. For some reason, Nige is sitting on Jesse’s lap.

Robin’s pick is Tadd and Lauren’s Mandy Moore piece set to Another One Bites The Dust.

Next up, a package about all the characters and creatures the dancers have had to portray. This segues into Lil C’s choice, which takes for dang ever because he can’t. shut. up. He chooses a Nappy Tabs piece by Robert and Miranda dancing to Break Ya Neck. Full disclosure: I do not remember Miranda.

Also, why is Nappy Tabs not there??

Cat gets to pick a routine this year. Her choice is a Tyce joint. It’s the Top 8 circus routine. She says it made her cry for the first time on the show. Huh?

Next up is the UK SYTYCD winner, Matt Flint. He’s a tapper and Jess and Nick join him. Very cool! Excellent choreography!

Mary picks a Mandy Moore piece featuring Melanie and Neil set to Total Eclipse of the Heart. LOVE this one!

Jesse chooses a Sonya dance featuring Marko and Allison. (My all-time favorite girl!) It’s the one where Marko cried and his mom cried and everybody cried.

Tyce’s pick is another Sonya piece. It’s the Geisha top 10 girls dance.

OMG I missed Josh on the show last night! Now I am bummed. **runs to look up the performance somewhere online.**

Anyway, all the Top 4 talks about their dances from last night. They all say nice things about each other and we see each one’s clips.

Time for some results! Top 4 join Cat on stage. Who is first out tonight? It’s Tadd! Aww. I wanted him to be 2nd behind Melanie! We see Tadd clips and he says he’s had the time of his life. And he’s never felt like this before. OK, maybe not that last part.

Lil C blathers on and finally chooses Chris and Ashley dancing a Spencer Liff routine to Please, Mr. Jailer. Oh, I didn’t care for this one so much.

The Top 4 walked into rehearsal and there was Brittany, Santana and Mike Chang from Glee. They got to got to the Glee 3D premiere.

Nigel chooses a Twitch and Sasha dance by Christopher Scott. I do love me some Twitch!

Sonya chooses the Top 10 guys Christopher Scott piece involving the doors. Seriously, who is the guy with the blonde hair? I don’t have a clue.

Jesse chooses Caitlynn and Pasha’s Argentinian Tango.

I kind of want them to hurry and get this all over with! Not my favorite fin-ollie of all time. 2 hours? Come ON!

Mary picks Marko and Melanie’s statue routine which is a Travis Wall piece. So good! One of my favorites this season! Melanie FTW!

Time for more results! Next to go is Marko! OMG OMG OMG! Melanie had better win!!

Nigel chooses Sasha and Melanie dancing their Sonya routine. I think I’m kind of over Sonya’s choreo. Until next season, anyway.

And the winner is….MELANIE! Yes! I am a happy girl!

Can’t wait for next season!

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Until whatever Slim twists my arm into blogging…~Queen Ang~

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