The Experts Weigh In (Top 6 Results)

Tonight Ryan will send 1 person to the tarmac at LAX. Anything could happen. Below are the departure picks from Idol experts all across the net. Feel free to leave yours in a comment. You can leave your Bottom 3 if you want to as well.

DJSlim (IBL)

  • Michael Lynche
Alan Atteberry (IRS)

  • Michael Lynche
Sir Darryl (IRS)

  • Lee Dewyze
Queen Angie (IBL)

  • Michael Lynche
  • Michael Lynche

  • Aaron Kelly
Dave (VFTW)

  • Michael Lynche
Deb (VFTW)

  • NOT Siobhan Magnus

  • Michael Lynche

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  1. Stephen says:

    @ BenM:
    Dial idol put up an update saying that because of a voting anomoly out of one area code at the beginning of voting last night, their predicitions are probably falsley keeping Aaron Kelly safe. In reality, he is probably much lower than their statistics, but they kept what they have up because they have no way of accounting for the anomoly to get his figure where it should be. If you go to dialidol and click the link at the top that says “important information about this week” or the Update link, you can read what I am talking about.

    Given that information I think it will be a Mike, Lee and Aaron bottom 3, with Mike going home.

  2. BenM says:

    I don’t trust Dial idol, or the fact that Aaron sang well, or the fact that Tim’s votes will probably go to Aaron… Against all logic, I think Aaron will go today.

  3. Joyce says:

    @ Easy Rider:

    Okay!! :heart:

  4. logan casey says:

    I think Michael Lynche will be going home tonight…..I think Lee DeWyze going home would be a huge IDOL shocker because it looks like they expect Lee to be in the IDOL Finale…Last evening’s show turned everything around….Aaron Kelly received the most phone calls last night, and DeWyze is in the bottom two…Anything can happen….I do not expect Crystal Bowersox to win IDOL either….I still expect Siobhan Magnus to win AMERICAN IDOL….

  5. Dr. Electro says:

    Say good night, Mikey.

    Good night, Mikey.

  6. siparaka says:

    @ Dale Nicholson:

    Hi Dale,

    Exhausted student here equally looking forward to the end of this semester and the last math class I will ever have to take in my entire life…!!!

    Not sure what subject you teach (hope it’s not math, I’ll instantly have to dislike you on principle lol), but my PSYCH professor actually worked American Idol into the course :)

    Fun class!

  7. Easy Rider says:

    @ Joyce:
    I’m sorry sweet heart, I lost my head for just a second there. I’m OK now so please forgive me. :wub:

  8. Joyce says:

    @ Easy Rider:

    Lee, I’m hurt! :shocked:

  9. Easy Rider says:

    @ Joyce:
    You hush your mouth J.A. before I reach thru cyber space and rap you a good! :w00t:

  10. Joyce says:

    I’m going way out on a limb and predicting Casey to leave.

  11. angie says:

    @ Dale Nicholson:

    We’re just experts in our own minds. :silly:

  12. DJSlim says:

    @ Dale Nicholson:

    use and abuse all you like :)

    —DJSlim, one tired American Idol Blogger looking forward to X Factor.

  13. Dale Nicholson says:

    @ DJSlim:

    I just need and use all the outlets I can find with the semester winding down (whew!); teaching 7 courses is a haul.

    Idol is one of my (guilty?) pleasures of Tuesday TV viewing.

    —Dale, one tired college professor, looking forward to Orlando, FLA.

  14. DJSlim says:

    @ Dale Nicholson:

    have all the fun you want with it. we don’t mind. all of us but Alan know we aren’t experts. Alan can’t be convinced of anything. Can we say Dallas anyone?

    it is fun trying to predict what america will do.

  15. Dale Nicholson says:

    @ DJSlim:

    Well, you do get it right more than many others.

    I’m just having fun with the whole notion that there are idol “experts.”
    Trying to predict what voters of a reality show will do—very difficult, but if anyone can do it successfully and regularly, that probably does make someone an expert. :smile:

  16. Tyler says:

    It’s definitely Big Mike’s time to go

  17. DJSlim says:

    @ Dale Nicholson:

    the “experts” are American Idol Webmasters or Idol Radio Show Hosts and we are far from experts :)

  18. rachel says:

    @ Dale Nicholson:

    I’m hoping that you are right.

  19. Dale Nicholson says:

    Don’t know what makes someone an Idol “expert;” I just know I am NOT one.

    Having said that, see you later, Siobhan.


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