The Voice (Episode 7)

Attempting to showcase the voice and not the looks, The Voice continues tonight with the Quarter-Finals Round 2 and the results from last weeks performances.. Sit back and relax as I live blog this show. Everything is after the jump. There WON’T be any studios posted this evening.

Team Cee Lo and Team Adam compete tonight. America will vote and keep one from each team and then Cee Lo and Adam will get to keep one for their team.

Advancing From Team Christina From Last Week
* America’s Vote – Beverly McClellan
* Christina’s Vote – Frenchie Davis

Advancing From Team Blake From Last Week
* America’s Vote – Dia Frampton
* Blake’s Vote – Xenia

Tonight’s Performances

Casey Weston “Black Horse And A Cherry Tree” 1-855-Voice-02 (Team Adam) This is a favorite of my daughter. It was the first song she sang the words to so have to show a little love for Casey. Ok a lot of love. That was awesome. Blake thought it was awesome and is about to download the song. Christina loved the drummers and thinks Casey has a beautiful voice. Cee Lo thought it was pretty good. Adam thought it was amazing.

Curtis Grimes “Addicted To Love” 1-855-VOICE-07 (Team Cee Lo) Absolutely hate this rendition of the song. Adam thought it was awesome. Blake was happy he represented country music so well. Christina loves the manly voice. Cee Lo thought Curtis did a wonderful job.

Devon Barley “Stop and Stare” 1-855-VOICE-04 (Team Adam) Weak and boring. No one I would ever vote for. Somehow Blake thought it was powerful. Christina thinks Devon really brings it when he is on stage. Cee Lo thought is was great. Adam thought it was pitchy in the beginning but liked it.

Javier Colon “Angel” 1-855-VOICE-08 (Team Adam) Nothing great. It was ok. Blake didn’t have much to say that America doesn’t already know. Christina believes he is the one that got away. Cee Lo thinks Javier has the voice of an angel. Adam thought it was absolutely perfect.

Jeff Jenkins “Jesus Takes The Wheel” 1-855-VOICE-06 (Team Adam) Wow this song has so much meaning to my family. Some know the story. Jeff butchered it. Christina thought it was beautiful. Adam thought it was incredible. Were they listening to the same thing we were?

Nakia “Sex On Fire” 1-855-VOICE-05 (Team Cee Lo) I like Nakia. It wasn’t an awful performance. Just felt like he was yelling the whole time. Blake felt the burn. Cee Lo thought it was a great job.

Tori & Taylor Thompson “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” 1-855-VOICE-01 (Team Cee Lo) Of course I love these two. Who wouldn’t. They are hot as hell and can actually sing. Hard to say if they will make it but I wouldn’t be upset if they did. Adam thought is was good old fashioned entertainment. Blake thought it was awesome and loved the outfits. Christina loved the use of dancers and thought it was fun. Cee Lo was proud of the girls.

Vicci Martinez “Jolene” 1-855-VOICE-03 (Team Cee Lo) Wow. Absolutely amazing. The best performance of Jolene I have ever heard. Adam thought it was soulful and raw. Blake thought it was truly explosive. Christina thought it was a heartfelt performance. Cee Lo thought it was a great choice and the performance was perfect.

  1. ABB says:

    My predictions are Vicci with the vote and Nakia the save for Ceelo’s team, and Javier the vote for Adam’s team. Adam will have a tough choice to make in deciding to save either Casey or Jeff. I hope it’s Casey, but either is okay.

    At this point I can see Vicci or Javier for the win.

  2. The Voice Fan says:

    Any chance you will be posting the studios? I can’t wait for them!

  3. gma says:

    Just wanted to add, I thought CeeLo’s group had the best group number but I think that Christina will win with Beverly and Frenchie.

  4. gma says:

    I liked Vicci and Javier. I think maybe it might be time to replace my TV because I was NOT hearing what the judges were hearing. The young girls have no depth to their voices and most of the rest were very flat or pitchy. This show is not working out to be the show I was hoping it would be.

    I would like to see Frenchie win, I have liked her since her Idol audition. She has got it going on!

  5. DJSlim says:

    @gma she sure did and it was AWESOME

  6. gma says:

    Did Kat Mcphee sing Black Horse And A Cherry Tree on Idol? I thought she did a great job and I don’t like her. I really did not think this girl was that good.

  7. DJSlim says:

    yeah i am all for Beverly

  8. ABB says:

    No studios? Waaaahhhh.

    Sorry, I didn’t have anything else to whine about.

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