Top 9 Predictions

As I did last week and all of last season I am opening a post to give you a chance to post your last minute Top 9 pre-performance predictions. Will Tony Bennett and standards prove to be enough to send Sanjaya home or will the campaign that Howard and VFTW are in be able to once again keep the worst of the worst in the competition? Take a second and let us know what you think will happen tonight. Leave your thoughts in a comment.

I will post the song spoilers either in this post or in a comment to this post once they are released by Rickey from Of course we will probably have to wait for the rehearsal to be over later today.

Don’t forget you can leave your song choices for the contestants Here or get a blank scorecard Here so you can keep score at home. See everyone tonight at 8pm EST as I blog the Top 9 live.

Note : I have fixed the error in the forum. Everyone can post topics and reply now. Sorry for the inconvience. I screwed up a setting.

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