VFTW Pimps Phil

With Sanjaya out of the picture the famous website Vote for the Worst has chosen Phil as their next contestant to help push through to victory.

So what do you think? Leave any thoughts in a comment. Personally I thought they would have chosen someone else but Phil has had his rough weeks.

  1. gloglo says:

    I miss Sanjaya!! AI was fun with him ( even if you didn’t like his singing) -pretty lackluster now-oh,dode,ohdo

  2. TLR says:

    I would think that VFTVW would be supporting Chris. I have never been a fan. His voice is weak and hits so many off keys. To me after he is gone then we have a competition. I agree,,,”Come on season 7″


  4. Joyce says:

    Oh wow. There’s just too much material to cover here. VFTW didn’t fail, Sanjaya could never be another Enrique (not that I liked Enrique), Justin was “embraced”, as you put it, because he actually had talent (not that I liked Justin), and Simon wouldn’t have quit because the producers would never have let Sanjaya win.

  5. Allie says:

    I too can’t wait for seasopn 7, this year was the most entertaining during the beginning auditions, and b/c of all the controversy over Sanjaya. I do feel it’s not going to be as fun to watch for the remainder, and hope they REALLY bring it next year.

  6. Allie says:

    I find it to be total BS that they just choose another contestant to use for VFTW. I think they have failed, what they were trying to do didn’t work, so they lost. Instead they try to save face by choosing someone else and going for it again. Then who knows, when they’re on their 5th pick, they may get it right, and then they’re gonna act like what they did worked and take credit for changing the whole outcome of the show. That is so LAME!!!!! It DIDN’T work, but say there’s only 2 people left like Blake and Melinda, they’ll make Blake their pick for VFTW and act like they changed the show. I just think they failed and that’s the end of it.

    I did think in the beginning Sanjaya had some raw talent, and I do still think so. He actually could be a good singer I think a few years from now with a lot of practice. You never know, he could be the next Enrique :em19: But he does need a lot of practice.He became a household name more than any other contestant this season, my husband loves howard stern and NEVER watched the show until this year just b/c Howard was talking about it a lot. I did feel sorry for him when he got kicked off, i’m caring to a fault and he looked so upset, and he didn’t ask to be chosen for VFTW.

    Also I think if Justin Guarini was doing all that stuff with his hair and outfits(which he actually DID if you remember) the judges would’ve embraced his originality b/c he’s got incredible talent, and wouldn’t have treated him the way they did Sanjaya.

    I think they were overly hard on him, the only reason i’m relieved he didn’t win is b/c then Simon would’ve quit and this would’ve been the end of AI. And even if it did come back, I wouldn’t watch it w/out Simon, it would be too boring. And I understand why he would quit, b/c that would be admitting the show is a total laughingstock, people tampered with it, got away with it, so there’s no way in hell they would do it again. They would be a total laughingstock on TV and the news.

    And if you think about it, even if you’re voting for the wrong reasons, it IS still everyone’s right to vote.

    With Phil, even if their pick is right, and they move Phil ahead more than he would’ve, who really cares?? It’s not like he’s SO terrible he couldn’t make something of himself. At this point ANYONE they pick has some talent, so it’s pointless what they’re doing.

  7. Jess says:

    This season is so lacking in talent and personality that who cares who wins now. It really doesnt matter at all. The quality of the singers matches the sameness of this country. People dumb themselves down and accept mediocity in many facets of life. It is sad as there is so much potential out there to be so great.

  8. Joyce says:

    I do think it was between Chris & Phil for VFTW, but I strongly felt it would be Phil. First of all, because I read on their website that they’d probably go with Phil if Sanjaya ever got booted, and second, because Phil has the odd looks to go with his so-what performances. That makes him a better candidate than Chris.

  9. Dr. Electro says:

    Since the talent pool this year is so shallow, Phil can outsing the rest of them on any given day. I haven’t seen a rockstar moment from anybody this year and I don’t expect to. I expect nothing but mediocre singing and few if any entertaining performances. I am seriously disappointed. :em23:

  10. angie says:

    I feel like the season is just now getting good! If only Chris were gone. Maybe this coming week. Ya never know. Watching this week won’t be much different than any other week because I pretty much ignored Sanjaya, anyway.

    It’s doubtful that I would ever buy any of these singer’s CDs, but that is not why I watch the show. For whatever reason, I can’t stop watching. The good, the bad, the ugly…doesn’t matter. Maybe I watch for Simon. Hmmm..I’ll have to think about it.

    So, anyway, bring it on this week! I can’t wait to see/hear how Jordin does. Can’t wait to see if Lakisha might smile. Interested to see if Phil tucks his ears or if Blake brings the beatbox back. I won’t speculate much on Melinda because girl brings it every week. As for Chris, I just hope he keeps his mouth shut after he sings.

    See y’all later!

  11. Geddy says:

    My last post…

    As many of you hated Sanjaya, without him, the show is a snooze fest.

    I feel nothing for any of the remaining contestants, and can’t see myself buying any CD’s.

    IT’s a done deal anyhow, and we all know it. Melinda is your choosen one and the next AI. Why do I need to watch? The order in which the rest of the constestants is voted off is of little concern to me….it’s gonna be boring to say the least.

    At least with Sanjaya I could laugh at all the controversy, and be entertained watching the judges squirm. Now, it’ seems pointless.

    See you next year….maybe.

    (I know most of you won’t miss me in the least…so it’s a good thing)

  12. rachel says:

    At least Phil can sing ! Last week he was actually better than all of them, in my opinion. He does look better without his assortment of hats, though. If he continues to sing as well as he did last week, I think he could move up the totem pole on his own.
    Was able to get on here and post in a flash !!!! Thanks Slim ! :em69:

  13. Ek says:

    It doesn’t matter i think. As long as Phil can sing as good as last week for week(s) to come. Then, i don’t have any objection for VFTW to vote for him.

  14. DJSlim says:

    yeah i really expected them to pimp Chris and not Phil but whatever. it really doesn’t matter anymore. The whole season is falling apart. I can’t wait for Season 7

  15. DrillerAA says:

    I’m with ABB. I think Phil has had a more consistant fan base. He’s been in the bottom three more often than anyone and he always comes out safe. Last week he had his best performance and that landed Blake in the bottom three. I think Phil’s fans will continue to support him, Blakes fans just got a wake up call this week, and Chris will be on the outside looking in pretty soon. But you will see Kiki, Chris, and Phil in the bottom three. The other three are too good and two of them have NEVER been in the bottom group.

  16. ABB says:

    Guess I thought they would have chosen Chris…..his voice is somewhat thin and reedy and not up to the same level as the other contestants.

    That’s just my opinion – we all get to have one and they all stink so no need to get upset with me if you disagree!

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