Votefair Predictions Top 3

Here are your Votefair Predictions for tonight’s results. Do you agree with them?

  1. Neon says:

    Jlo is leaving next year… good for the show… Make Jimmy as the new Simon

  2. Ophel says:

    Jessica is the best of them all!

  3. David Clark says:

    Shanice, we don’t screech in my church the way Joshua does… He is clearly too over the top for the average person over the age of 20 to listen to… Phillip is really good but not a pop singer and will only fit a certain genre of music (similar to Dautry). He will make it in that genre… Jessica is the only pop star singer on the show… and as she matures she will really blossom into a big star, probably bigger than JLo, who is a good actress but not so much the great singer anymore… I think Idol needs to get rid of all three judges and replace them with contemporary artists who are still at the top of their game instead of washed up has-beens…

  4. Shanice Terrell says:

    With teen female hormones comes years of deafness. Thats the sole reason why Phillip Phillips is still afloat in the competition. Somehow, he manages to take the inherent melody of this song and completely destroy it. Oh not in a good way, that is unless you ask horny mothers or fangirlling old maids here like Angie here who thinks of him as the artistic boyfiend with guitar they never had.

    Against Phillip, i’d rather listen to Jessica’s scream singing. The teenage brat who thinks just because Daddy serves in the army shell get her sympathy votes. And does anyone here want a 16 yearold taking down classics by female greats way beyond her years like it so easy?? Upstaging. I think that is a mark of arrogance.

    People vote for the best. The one and only Joshua Ledet. With every song he rides all the way home and brings you to church! He could choose a Beethoven classic and still slay it! All the while bringing everyone to tears. Shed your racist biases and relieve yourself of homophobia and make him your American Idol.

    Just ask the honorable Judges. The truth is told with their words and praise.

    The show needs him. America needs him.

    My first time to post because there seems to be no one on Joshua’s side, its frustrating.

  5. Debbie Bartlow says:

    I really hope Jessica wins!

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