Were The Judges Right To Use The Save?

Tonight America voted but the judges had a different plan as they enacted the judges save. Do you agree with them? Simply leave your vote in the poll below and thoughts in a comment.

  1. Karen C says:

    I’m sorry, but this whole Jessica thing was so fake! There is no way on earth she had the lowest number of votes (and was that ever even said, just that the person in danger of being voted off is Jessica). Not the way she sang this week.
    The “shocking announcement” touted in the beginning of the show was a set up and that the judges are not aware of anything–I’m just not buying it. They totally know.

    So with that in mind, I will give my ranting…I don’t believe votes have anything to do with who stays and who goes other than to give the producers an idea of how to play up the favorites, and the producers ultimately decide the winner.

    Before this season, I was very content to never even know who Jimmy Iovine was. Now, it seems like he plays a bigger role than any of the judges and his extreme close ups and comments make me glad I have TIVO.

    Sorry for my rant.

  2. Dr. Electro says:


  3. emie says:

    jessica has a great voice.. hope the american can hear that.

  4. CB Snow says:

    Assuming that two folks are going home next week, Jessica has to not be one of them to make the save worth while. What really annoys me is Randy blathering about how wrong the voters were. Screw you Randy, people voted how they voted – if they’re not as ga-ga over Jessica as you so what? Cougars & tweens aren’t enamored of her – does anyone think they would be? One of the current set of cougar-bait – PP or Colton – is going to be the winner. Show demographics have proven that for years.

  5. I agree w/Cheryl. This used to happen w/Simon on a regular basis.

  6. DIANE says:

    Yessss she totally deserved it Glad That Steven and Randy voted against saving Deandre last week so they were able to save her!

  7. Cheryl Trenker Clements via Facebook says:

    I agree. If they were going to use the save, now was the time. But, perhaps, this will teach them a lesson. They need to stop trying to influence the votes. It was apparent that they were gunning for Holly the night before, the way they critiqued her, then became condescending by telling her how pretty she looked. There is a way to critique and considering these are supposed to be professionals, they should know that wasn’t the way to do it. The only thing it did was anger the voters, who in turn, voted in a way they may not have done had the judges not tried to influence the votes.

  8. Janwill Ocampo via Facebook says:

    yes..definitely the judges used their SAVE right..and the recipient of that save deserves it..as Randy said, Jessica is saved without any doubt..

  9. Gail Drayton via Facebook says:

    YES! I definitely agree. That bottom 3 was ridiculous!

  10. kelly says:

    Jessica has an amazing voice, but the judges went over the top,felt sorry for the others as they have already made her the winner! Unfair

  11. David says:

    The judges were right to use the save.

    On a related note, has Idol compensated for the “double loss” a few weeks ago when Jermaine was disqualified and Shannon was sent home?
    I feel like there will be another save (a producer’s save?) in the next few weeks. I doubt Idol would sacrifice a week of ad revenue.

  12. DrillerAA says:

    Unfortunately, this had all of the trappings of a set-up. Joshua and Jessica in the bottom three…really? Jessica in danger of going home…really? I smell a fish….really!!!

  13. SIMON_says says:

    absolutely! American Idol will lose significant amount of viewers if Jessica will be voted off.

  14. Gail Drayton via Facebook says:

    OMG! YES!! That was crazy!!

  15. Karen Kee Durham via Facebook says:


  16. Debbie Rivers Brainard via Facebook says:

    Who was kicked off?

  17. Jamel Lacuesta via Facebook says:


  18. angie says:

    Yep. I don’t have a problem with the save. If that is who they wanted to save (and we all knew they would) then they can use it on her. I don’t like Jessica, but I don’t care one way or the other.

  19. 110% absolutely YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 110% absolutely YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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