Who Will Go Home (Top 13 Pre-Performance)?

One of the fun things we do around here is put up a poll each week before you get to hear the performances and ask who you think will go home. We close the poll just before the show airs on the East Coast Feed and then put up a new poll right after the performances and see how it changes.

So here is the pre-performance poll for the Top 13. Simply leave who you think will go home on Thursday night in the poll below and your thoughts in a comment

Poll and Post Will Close @7:30PM On 3/9/11

  1. rachel says:

    I’m guessing either Naima Adedapo or Ashthon Jones will be leaving this week. I don’t really care for either one of them.

  2. Vetle says:

    I feel pretty good about picking Karen Rodriguez to go home. She will be in the bottom three at least, I think. Her pageanty performance of “Hero” was sooooo cheesy – and in my opinion – bad. She will be very forgetable.

    I also think Stefano might be in trouble UNLESS he does WELL. If he does WELL, he’ll be a dark horse I think.

    Naima is too likeable to go home, maybe bottom three. Ashton – maybe. I wouldn’t mind seeing Haley go home too – because I.DO.NOT.GET what people find so great about her. She completely screws the melody of songs over (I believe Michael Slezak of TVLine said something like “Haley Reinhart is where melodies goes to die”, and because she does the growl – it DOES NOT mean she connects with the song, also – her tone is kinda irritating.

    I’m pretty sure a girl is going home.

  3. DrillerAA says:

    @ Gma:
    Nope, I’m just saying that one of the wild cards will go home…and I think it will be one of the girls. I agree with Doc. that Naima is the most likely to leave. While the judges love Ashthon’s confidence and attitude, I don’t know that it will play that well with America. Stefano seems the most likely to advance and stay for several weeks.

  4. Cameron says:


  5. joeyinc says:

    Looks like Ashton is the pick to go home, no one will miss her

  6. Gma says:

    Driller have you forgotten Season 2? Clay was a Wild Card.

  7. Dr. Electro says:

    I voted Exotic Flower. I just don’t think she has it. She’s good but not great. Haley, Lauren, Scotty and Casey all seem to have the “total package” from my perspective.

  8. Dr. Electro says:

    Uh … Ditto.

  9. angie says:

    Yep. What Driller said. He beat me to it.

  10. DrillerAA says:

    I think you have to assume that one of the wild cards will go home. They didn’t have the votes to get in the top ten and the probably don’t have the fan base to stay long. The only thing that will save them will be for a top ten contestant to tank on performance night.

  11. joeyinc says:

    ok, who voted for Lauren and scotty?!

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