Who Will Go Home (Top 4 Pre-Performance)?

One of the fun things we do around here is put up a poll each week before you get to hear the performances and ask who you think will go home. We close the poll just before the show airs on the East Coast Feed and then put up a new poll right after the performances and see how it changes.

So here is the pre-performance poll for the Top 4. Simply leave who you think will go home on Thursday night in the poll below and your thoughts in a comment

Poll and Post Will Close @7:30PM On 5/9/12

  1. Sharon says:

    It’s time for Holly to go home! She’s okay and I agree with judges.

  2. kimkim says:

    youre wrong…hollie will not go into final 2 just look at the poll result here who gets the highest vote to go home next week… Cmon be sensible

  3. lisa says:

    Phillip for the win!

  4. ... says:

    Jessica – not for American Idol cause she’s WORLD IDOL haha

  5. DrillerAA says:

    I would not be surprised to see Phillip go home. I think Jimmy Ivine was correct in saying the Phil Phil has had it on cruise control the past couple of weeks. He needs to do something special. I do think that Hollie will get a lot of Skylar’s votes and put Jessica at risk. I just don’t see America sending Joshua home any time soon.

  6. ... says:

    they will put BB Chez until the finals for the ratings… AI season 11 is Jessica Sanchez Show admit it or not.

  7. Ophel says:

    Jessica and Joshua for the finale

  8. Idol says:

    Any one could go this week I think it’s a tight race! Hollie has a good chance to make top three because she will get most of skylars votes only because they were best friends! And people were vote splitting so now people will just focus on voting for Hollie!!!

  9. Queen Angie says:

    It will probably be Hollie or Jessica or Phil or Joshua.

    My personal preference would be for Jessica to go this week and Joshua next week.

  10. Bosco82 says:

    I think they are screwing with us putting Hollie in the bottom so many times. Joshua and Jessica will leave the next 2 weeks and leave Hollie and Phil as the finale.

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