Who Will Go Home (Top 5 Pre-Performance)?

One of the fun things we do around here is put up a poll each week before you get to hear the performances and ask who you think will go home. We close the poll just before the show airs on the East Coast Feed and then put up a new poll right after the performances and see how it changes.

So here is the pre-performance poll for the Top 5. Simply leave who you think will go home on Thursday night in the poll below and your thoughts in a comment

Poll and Post Will Close @7:30PM On 5/2/12

  1. leonardo buyan says:

    pls. give another week for hollie cavanagh. VOTE FOR HER

  2. David says:

    The bulk of Elise votes will go to Phil (similar vibe and the duets linked them), so he’s even safer than before.

    Jessica’s voters are mobilized and I think the powers that be will nudge things to make sure she sticks around, if needed.

    Skylar has found her groove as a country gal. Country represents well on Idol, so I would not expect her to go this week.

    That leaves Joshua and Hollie. Without knowing actual vote totals, I’ll pick Hollie.

  3. Tara Smithson says:

    Let’s trend #jessicaidolpimpspot so that the idol producers will give the pimp spot (last to sing) to Jessica this week. She has not yet sung last on the show.

    Go Jessica! I think Hollie or Skylar will get the boot. For a shocker, I’d like to see either Phillip or Joshua to go home this week.

  4. Idol says:

    Although Hollie was in the bottom 3 once again last week, I honestly think Skylar had the second lowest amount of votes. Hollie is gaining momentum in the competition, if she has an amazing week I think Skylar may be the one to go. I wish Joshua would go, because he bores me and so does Jessica. All the contestants left though do have a lot of talent. Great top 5 this year. You just never know what is going to happen.

  5. idolfan says:

    the filipinos are voting so hard for jessica..It’s a Filipino Invasion in American Idol

  6. Donna Hall says:

    I agree with Jimmyohyeah…Elise’s votes have to go somewhere, and I don’t see them going to Joshua or Skylar.

  7. BenM says:

    I can’t see that its very likely that Hollie will survive another week. But anything is possible. If Hollie doesn’t go, I think it will be a boy, since Skylar might get a little boost from being in the bottom 3 last week and I don’t think Jessica will be coming back down to elimination so soon – her fans won’t forget.

  8. BEV says:


  9. Dr. Electro says:

    I would like to see Joshua or Phillip go next but I fear they are destined for the finale. Hollie, unfortunately, is next.

  10. Simon_Says says:

    America, please send Joshua home! The judges’ standing O is already irritating! Not to mention Joshua’s Screaming!

  11. Eliwood says:

    I doubt it Jimmy, the majority of Elise voters simply left to vote and the few that vote will go to Philips.

    Hollie is the next to go.

  12. Jimmyohyeah says:

    Elise’s votes will be distributed among Jessica and Hollie, and some to Philip. Joshua and Skylar are going to be next to go.

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