Who Will Win (Top 2 Pre-Performance)?

One of the fun things we do around here is put up a poll each week before you get to hear the performances and ask who you think will go home. We close the poll just before the show airs on the East Coast Feed and then put up a new poll right after the performances and see how it changes.

So here is the pre-performance poll for the Top 2. Normally you are picking who will go home but this week you are picking who you think will win. Simply leave your vote in the poll below and your thoughts in a comment

Poll and Post Will Close @7:30PM On 5/22/12

  1. Grr says:

    I didn’t say I didn’t like her cause of her teeth, just saying she seems the type to alter herself to perfection(hence the fake voice/voice lessons) I am at the point where I want Phillip to lose, so he will be in control of his own album. 

  2. Lisa is right on, Jessica gets a little boring, oh! and where is melenie Amaro? Its going to take Jessica a few yrs to get herself together, to become a star, she is just too young! On Idol I have found that people like the interviews a lot, so the person winning has to have the ability to talk like a grownup. Look at David Archuleta, not very good at interviews, fantastic voice and how far has that gotten him!I for one think he should have won, he had the bigger much better voice, but David Cook won! Phillip is so going to win!! And lets get over this wgwg bit ,it has gotten too cliche!

  3. angie says:

    @Karen C, Phil has missed the Ford videos because of his need to rest because of his health.

  4. Karen C says:

    Has anyone else noticed Phil is never in those Ford videos?

  5. angie says:

    Jillian, you hit the nail on the head. Both Jessica and Phil are great, they just appeal to different audiences. I personally don’t listen to very many female singers. There just aren’t many who appeal to me. Male singers like Phil are who fill my music library. Dave Matthews Band, Mumford and Sons, Damien Rice, and several who don’t fit that particular sound, but who are male. Looks truly don’t matter to me whether others believe that or not. Good looks are just gravy. It’s the voice that appeals to me. Sometimes, the voice makes an otherwise average looking male incredibly sexy. That’s double gravy!

    I don’t care about big notes, I care about big emotion. And I don’t necessarily mean from the singer. I like my music to bring out MY emotions. There just has to be a connection.

    Jessica’s sound doesn’t connect with me but I know she connects with millions of people for different reasons, just as Phil connects with many and also for different reasons. I find them both to be passionate about their music and I think that’s awesome. Actually, I think most who make it to the Top 24, or maybe anyone trying out, has at least a little passion for what they do.

    Now, I’ll go listen to Volcano for the eleventy millionth time and after that, Fat Bottomed Girls, and then Hard To Handle and then…

    See y’all tonight!

  6. Jillian says:

    They are both amazing, but have and appeal to completely different styles, Jesica is a singer whereas Phil is an artist. Jessica’s been taking singing lessons since she was 3 and she’s completely “groomed” for Idol. While Phil just loves to play “his” music! Jessica is the complete “Idol Package” while Phil is the most unique contest I’ve ever seen on Idol. I myself would buy Phil’s album in a heartbeat because Phil is more my style, I love Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews, Josh Radin…all things acoustic and raspy! Who deserves too win…I think America gets to decide that and sadly for Jessica, Phil will likely win given the fact that its been boys for the last 5 seasons. Jessica will get a record deal out of the whole thing regardless.

    I myself would like Phil to win because he’s more likeable, unique and he’s a true artist! I remember him saying “I don’t care if I’m rich and famous, I just want to do this for the rest of my life”! That almost made me cry! Those are the words of someone who truly loves music!

    Both will do great regardless of the outcome, but I ‘d like to see someone unique and original win for once…go Philip Philips!

  7. Jimmyohyeah says:

    Actually Ben,

    Objectively, Jessica IS a better singer than Phil.

    Subjectively, you may not agree.

  8. Jimmyohyeah says:

    Wow Grr, that is pretty bold. Picking on a 16 year old girl because her teeth aren’t perfect. Guess you didn’t like Bowersox or JEWEL for that matter!!

    THAT is very very sad. But whatever makes you feel better.

    My comparison of Phil to Lee and Kris is more about the outcome of their careers more than the similarities (obvious) in their styles. You know, guy who sings with a guitar.

  9. angie says:

    Change is so hard, Georgia. I’m sure, though, with the help of family, friends and all my Phil Phil music, I will manage to overcome the empty hole in my soul that will come from missing both you and Idol.

    Stayed tuned! In just a few short hours you will get to revel in the awesomeness of my live blog! I am sure my words will keep you sustained for a few months until the new season starts.

    Smooches! :)

  10. Grr says:

    Each singer does something for their fans and followers. Phillip moves me, and Jessica doesn’t. It is a simple as that. What i love most about Phillip is that he hasn’t changed AT ALL. He is who he is, and he has made it to the top two without very much help from anyone. Jessica has a stylist, a wardrobe that not only is entirely to old for her, but it is so gaudy and over the top. I guarantee whether she wins or not, the first thing she does is get her awful teeth fixed. Phillip – no fancy wardrobe, no stylist, adorable all natural. And please stop comparing him to anyone else (Lee, Kris.. whoever) they are so different on every level, and if you think they are the same then that is very very very sad. Jimmy thinks PP is amazing for a reason.

  11. From Georgia says:

    Missed you as well my Queen. :)

    You know the end of something great is coming, but here you are wanting to hold on… Why, just so it can hurt a little more?

    Ever the masochistic type huh, Angie.

    Well then, lets bring on the cliches:
    Every end is a new beginning, but It’s never over till it’s over.

    So nothing else to do but wait for your anticipated and much debated LIVEBLOG aka your OPINION aka “literary masterpiece” OR “online fangirl drivel” (ofcourse dependin on ma mood lol)

    Btw, I hope Lee Dewyze wins!

  12. angie says:

    Oh, Georgia, I’ve missed you! What will we do when the season is over?


  13. From Georgia says:

    Wow Angie, wow.

    The idea of pitting one idol against the other, to the point of casting aspersions on the opposition, no matter how widely held and participated is no evidence whatsoever that it is not utterly absurd; indeed, in view of the silliness of the crazed fanatics, their opinions are more likely to be foolish than sensible.

    This irrational devotion however does not apply today with our esteemed live blogger, Queen Angie. She is hospitable, and entertains conflicting sentiments and contradictory opinions with much impartiality. I’m impressed.

    The important matter is that we have had a good season and we are surely in for a treat with the coming finale. Jessica, the “pure singer” with her jaw-dropping vocal calisthenics versus Phillip Phillips, the “eccentric stylist” with his sexy vibe and charming groans will prove to be one helluva competition.

    Looking forward to your live blogging Queen Angie. :D


  14. Ben says:

    Yes, I am the objectivity police.

  15. Ben says:

    @lisa – I wouldn’t compare Mealnie to Jess. Jess has more versatility. I wouldn’t compare Phil to Lee either – Phil has a better voice. People like to undersell these two, the reality is they are both really could and would be marketable… with the right content.

    It’s not Melanie or Lee’s fault, necessarily, that they have struggled to chart. It’s much more the production behind them that determines that.

    Lastly, playing the guitar or not doesn’t determine whether or not someone is the total package. Frequently, its a crutch for avoiding having to show you are. I’m a musician. I play four instruments. I could pick up the guitar between audtioning for idol and being in the finale. Could I ever sing or perform good enough? Not a chance in hell. The singing and performance aspects are way harder than playing a guitar. Don’t give too much credit for that. As for ‘writing your own songs’ – the difference between 16 and 21 perhaps. 19-20 is about when I was able to start writing anything that was really music.

    Not knocking Phil, its just that is a bad reason to try and objectify a subjective judgement. Like Angie said, it’s like claiming Jess being technically better makes her better. It doesn’t necessarily. Trying to objectively state one is better than the other is a waste of time, and unfair to both finalists.

  16. David says:

    Both kids are talented but in different ways. Phil with his artistry. Jessica with athleticism. Phil feels relatable, like a friend. Jessica puts you in awe, she’s nearly vocally untouchable.

    I hope both do really well. I hope Phil “plays the game” a little more. He’s got to “look” like a superstar a little bit. Do some songs that gain Top 40 airplay. I hope Jessica gains some wisdom. Her choices have been poor.

    My concern, as an overcaring Idol fan, is for our champion to take mainstream music by storm. I know that award shows are irrelevant but it would have been nice to see our champs dominating the Billboard Awards last night. There was some award (best new artist?) where our guy Scotty was nominated. The crowd was noticeably quieter when his name was listed as a nominee. That kinda hurt.

    I also noticed the featured acts last night. These are supposedly the biggest names in mainstream music. They sounded a bit more like Jessica than Phil. I also thought of our most prominent champions: Kelly and Carrie. Just nice singers and completely moldable. Not what you’d call “real artists.” To me, the potential is there with Jessica.

    As to who I think will win: It’s Phil’s crown to lose.

  17. angie says:

    There is no right answer when it comes to who is better. Unless of course you are speaking technically. I am not a fan of technically good singers. Not on Idol, anyway. My favorites are always the ones who make me happy, make me smile and feel good when I listen. I never decide that so-and-so is going to sell more later, so they should win. I also don’t think that one DESERVES it over the other. They’ve both worked hard and given us their best. That’s all, as fans, we can ask of them. Be happy for them both as they’ve achieved something that so many wish for. I’ve really really enjoyed this season and will be happy with who ever wins.

  18. Jimmyohyeah says:

    I agree with most sentiments on here. Phil, while likable and good at his his very narrow ability, doesn’t have the worldwide appeal to become a huge pop star. He will fade quietly into obscurity like Kris, Lee, Taylor, and David Cook to some degree.

    I only with Jessica had a few more years experience for guaranteed success. I think she will be molded into 1) an absolute superstar we haven’t seen since Carrie, or 2) crack under the pressure at her young age. She is the triple threat and the sky is the limit for her. I feel ten years from now she could be among the top 5 most popular from AI.

    On a side note, Slim needs to get himself an Ipad. The ads are making it impossible to view this site, especially comment, with an Ipad. If an ad pops up and tells me “I’ve won” I typically don’t return to that site. The facebook window is annoying enough.

  19. lisa says:

    Oh, I didn’t know that Jessica plays musical instruments and writes her own songs too…..

  20. Ophel says:

    Jessica is the total package!!!

  21. lisa says:

    Precisely my point, Jess, you never even heard of Melanie Amaro, She’s last year’s winner from X Factor, the Simon Cowell singing show, after he left AI. Her first single never even made the charts. Melanie’s exactly the same type of singer that Jessica is, balladeers with good voices (I’m not denying that), but no charisma or stage presence. Anyway, we all have different tastes in music, you find Jessica entertaining, I find her boring and robotic; you’re into the voice, I’m into the total package..that’s all…

  22. Neon says:

    rooting for jessica to win… also i like the music of phillip when i heard the studio version of beggin and that’s all..

  23. jess says:

    @lisa.. you said that jessica is a diva.. thank you for that.. atleast i know you have a little bit taste in music.. i thank you for that compliment.. maybe you don’t need another diva..but the WORLD needs JESSICA SANCHEZ.. not just from being DIVA.. but as a TOTAL ENTERTAINER..
    PS… where is Kris Allen or other so so you called artist? this is A SINGING COMPETITION.. and AMERICAN idol is looking for a pure talent and a powerful talent..

  24. jess says:

    @lisa melanie amaro? is shes from AI? i dont think so… lolz…

  25. lisa says:

    And if Jessica wins? Another diva we don’t need..zzzzzzzzzzz…

    PS. Where is Melanie Amaro now?

  26. jess says:

    if pP wins??? another ledewize or Kris allen in the making.. lolz..

  27. Queen Angie says:

    At this point, I can’t quite decide who will win. My favorite is Phillip, but I don’t really mind if he doesn’t win. I look forward to hearing his music post-Idol.

  28. Shar says:

    Just really sick of the teeny voters controling the show and the cute male who can sing a little gets the title and second place singer gets to be a star. could be the last time we watch this perdictable show

  29. lisa says:

    All the more reason why all Phillip fans should vote vote vote their fingers off come Tuesday! Phillip ftw!

  30. LB says:

    I hope Phillip wins, but I am proud that he made it this far even if he doesn’t. Jessica has celebrities soliciting her to their fans, so that definitely gives her an edge. I think Jimmy has been spot on with PP all season, mentioning several times how he would sign him in a heartbeat. But didn’t tell anyone else that straight out. I truly believe he will make an amazing album. Like him or don’t (I don’t like Jessica at all, big deal, get over it… To each his own) I am tired of people saying that PP will not be successful, take a look at DMB more fans and albums sold than Jessica could ever dream of…

  31. August says:

    I still think Jermaine Jones should have not been disqualified. He could’ve easily trumped these two. For the haters, You just haven’t heard his falsetto.

  32. Sam says:

    Would love to see Jessica win just to make the Idol process relevant again! Otherwise just crown the guy with the guitar day 1! Do feel sorry for Phil and his health.

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